Lenny Kravitz Shares ‘It’s Enough’ Video

Lenny Kravitz has shared the music video for his latest track “It’s Enough.” The rocker debuted the new visual on Facebook. The 8-minute video features clips of protest footage, both peaceful and violent. “People are standing up,” Kravitz said in a statement. “I’ve had enough of racism. I’ve had enough of war. I’ve had enough of the destruction of the environment and the greed and dishonesty of world leaders. We’ve got to get back on track toward moving forward through higher understanding.” The new track will be featured on Kravitz’s upcoming album Raise Vibration. The new album, his eleventh studio release, is due to drop on September 7. Raise Vibration Track Listing: 1. “We Can Get It All Together” 2. “Low” 3. “Who Really Are the Monsters?” 4. “Raise Vibration” 5. “Johnny Cash” 6. “Here to Love” 7. “It’s Enough” 8. “5 More Days ‘Til Summer” 9. “The Majesty of Love” 10. “Gold Dust” 11. “Ride” 12. “I’ll Always Be Inside Your Soul” Copyright(c) 2018 RTTNews.com. All Rights ReservedLess «

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