4 Fun Things You Can Do in Lava Hot Springs

By Eric Openshaw on June 19, 2018

This article is sponsored by Lions Gate Manor in Lava Hot Springs, ID. If you are looking for an easy romantic getaway, Lions Gate Manor offers fun themed rooms, amazing scenery, and is just a 4 minute drive away from the center of town and all of Lava Hot Spring’s activities.

Are you looking for a getaway? Maybe even just a short romantic weekend trip to get you out of the house ? Look no further than Lava Hot Springs, just two hours north of Salt Lake City. So what can you do in Lava Hot Springs? 4 Fun things You Can Do in Lava Hot Springs:

1. Float the River


One of the coolest things you can do in Lava Hot Springs is float the Portneuf river. The river winds right through the center of town, and starting on the east end of town you can float the whole length of Lava Hot Springs all the way to the west end of town. You can rent tubes, or even bring your own. But floating the river is something that is sure to please both the whole family or couples alike. These waters have a few areas of rapids, so be prepared when you decide you’re ready.

2. Swim and Soak


A visit to Lava Hot Springs wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the springs that are the namesake of the town. First, go swimming at the Olympic Pool Complex that is actually heated by the hot springs themselves. With Indoor and outdoor pools, diving platforms, and water slides,  there is no end to the aquatic fun you can have!

Then after a long day, stop at the famous Lava Hot Springs Mineral Pools. You’ll find 5 different hot spring pools all at different temperatures ranging from 102°F to 110°F. The hot springs have plenty of minerals that are great for your skin. But, the greatest part? There is NO SULFER! That means no gross smell! This is such a great relaxation place! You won’t want to leave! But when you do you’ll feel like you can take on the whole world again on Monday.

3. Baker Ranch


Did you know you can take quiet horse drawn wagon rides through the scenic Idaho mountains south of Lava Hot Springs? At Baker Ranch you can see some of the best scenery Idaho has to offer on a 30 min horse drawn wagon ride. You will enjoy a full dinner at their chuck wagon site on Dempsey Creek. Wear warmer clothing since it gets a little cold at the chuck wagon site. And get ready for a relaxing night of fun.

4. Lions Gate Manor


At the end of the day of all your amazing Lava Hot Springs adventures, there’s no better place to settle in at than Lions Gate Manor. Lions Gate Manor features eight different guest rooms, each elaborately themed with exotic imported furniture, full private bathrooms, and most rooms come with jetted tubs. The themes for the suites include The Phantom’s Lair (based on the Phantom of the Opera), Roman Baths, Henry VIII’s Medieval Chamber (which is of course haunted), a new forest themed suite, and others. In addition to the luxurious and beautifully themed suites Lions Gate Manor is also known for it’s friendly accommodating staff, and a delicious hot breakfast in the morning. And don’t forget to check out their new Mineral Spa too!

Plus, the views of Lava Hot Springs and the Idaho scenery from Lions Gate Manor are absolutely stunning. You can make reservations for Lions Gate Manor by calling 208 776-5118 or visit them on their website at www.lionsgatemanor.com.

Lava Hot Springs is Great for Just a Weekend

With Lava Hot Springs only 2 hours away from Salt Lake City, give yourself the getaway you deserve even if it’s just a relaxing weekend away!

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