Cher Comments On Broadway Musical The Cher Show

After checking out the Broadway Musical The Cher Show, which chronicles her life, at the Oriental Theatre last weekend, Grammy and Oscar winning artist Cher told the Chicago Tribune, “Some parts of it are really fabulous. We’re going to work on the other parts. In many parts, it was much, much better than I thought it would be. And there were no parts where I wanted to gouge my eyes out.” “It needs work,” she continued. “I’m not supposed to say that but I don’t care. But you know, I was really very surprised by how close to real these people feel. Some of the boys are so on the mark, it’s creepy.” Cher said, “The girls who play me have so much to do. The lady who plays my mom is great. That’s a very important part.” The legendary singer said, “There are lines in the show that sound like quotes but aren’t quite right. I’ve been telling him the real quotes. I have a lot to say. And I am pushing them to do three dance songs in a concert-style way at the end, a bit like they do in ‘Mamma Mia.'” Cher said her brain was “going so fast” as she offered suggestions to Jason Moore, the director of the show. “I am actually pushing them to be more truthful about me. I’ve already said so much about my life. It would be silly for them to come up with a Mother Teresa,” she said. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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