Ariana Grande Gets Another Pete Davidson Tattoo

Ariana Grande’s latest tattoo was revealed to her fans earlier this week in a picture posted by “nail swag” on Instagram. The photo shows off her Chanel-inspired black-and-white nail art, but also highlights the subtle addition to her tattoo collection in honour of her fiance and SNL star, Pete Davidson, featuring his first name in elegant cursive writing on her left-hand ring finger, just above her engagement ring. Some fans had some trouble reading the writing and confused the word for other possibilities, including “alexa” and “sexe,” but the star confirmed it by replying to a tweet by a fan with “definitely pete.” Meanwhile, Davidson is presently recovering from having his wisdom teeth removed. In an adorable photo posted to Instagram, the star is shown lying down in pain, while Ariana appears to be nursing him back to health. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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