Styx Discuss Return Of ‘Mr. Roboto’ To Their Repertoire

Styx has brought back live performances of their hit song “Mr. Roboto” for the first time in 35 years due to overwhelming fan request and interest. “There were young people whose first song they bought was ‘Mr. Roboto,’ and that sent them back to the previous albums,” guitarist James “J.Y.” Young says. “While [‘Mr. Roboto’] killed the momentum of the first huge wave of Styx, it actually spawned the next generation of Styx fans. A lot of people under the age of 12 bought it, and those people are now in their 30s, perhaps even older. It just became clear from an unsophisticated poll that there were people coming to our concerts that wanted to hear that song, so we just decided to try and do it.” “It’s reinterpreted into something much more palatable to Tommy [Shaw] and myself and the rest of the gang,” Dennis DeYoung adds. “We were looking for something new and a curveball to throw at the audience. I can’t say 100 percent of the people love it, but… we’re embracing the fan requests and fulfill a yearning request form a lot of people over the years that we’d turned a deaf ear to.” Original bassist Chuck Panozzo says it also helps that Styx’s “newer” members, singer-keyboardist Lawrence Gowan, bassist Ricky Phillips and drummer Todd Sucherman, “come with no baggage about ‘Mr. Roboto’ or any of our stuff. (Gowan) sings it in a new and fresh light. It’s just another Styx song to them.” Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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