Let’s #BeThere for each other and help prevent suicide – by Rebecca Cressman

By Jago Ayllon on September 7, 2018

When it comes to suicide, we all have the power to save lives.

I learned that recently during a webinar on suicide prevention. While suicide is a serious public health issue that requires improved mental health services, it also requires small steps anyone can make.

Here are some of my takeaways from the webinar:

  • The greater the proportion of online interactions, the lonelier you are. (More “real” face time=less loneliness.)
  • The desire to die begins with loneliness.
  • To prevent suicide help people feel like they belong and are needed.
  • Ask direct questions if you think that someone is suicidal.
  • Talk frankly.
  • Listen
  • Most individuals do not want to die they want the pain to go away.

Many of us will experience suicidal thoughts at some in our lifetime and those thoughts seem like they can last a lifetime. Experts suggest having a plan in place that can help guide you through difficult moments. If you are a parent, you may want to sit down with your kids and help them create their own safety plan. Here’s a link I found that will help you get started.

To those who have lost a loved one to suicide, my heart is with you. So many families are often left alone to deal with their grief simply because people don’t know what to say or do. Suicide is not the result of a character flaw.  These families want their loved ones to be remembered for how they lived not for the way they died.

At a time when we are all spending way too much times on our devices, we can do a better job of simply being there for one another. Reach out. Reconnect with family and friends. Remember to call that person who you know is going through a tough time. A simple gesture can make a big difference and it may even save a life.

FM100 has joined the #BeThere campaign to prevent suicide. To learn more clink on this link.

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