Carrie Underwood Pushing For More Women On Country Radio

Carrie Underwood championed the cause of female representation in country radio during an interview with Elaina Smith of the Women Want to Hear Women podcast. The 35-year-old country singer raised her voice strongly against the gender disparity in this genre of music. “Even when I was growing up, I wished there [were] more women on the radio, and I had a lot more than they are today,” Underwood said. She cited the case of unknown new male artists easily climbing to top spot while hardworking female singers get pushed aside. “These strong women who are super talented, that totally deserve it, are not getting the same opportunities,” according to Underwood. “Think about all of the little girls that are sitting at home saying ‘I want to be a country music singer. What do you tell them? How do you look at them and say, ‘Well, just work hard, sweetie, and you can do it,’ when that’s probably not the case right now?,” she added. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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