Kid Rock To Release Greatest Hits Later This Month

Kid Rock has announced the release of a new greatest hits collection, Greatest Hits You Never Saw Coming, on September 21. There are 15 remastered tracks in all on this set, including “Bawitdaba,” “All Summer Long,” “Cowboy,” his “Picture” duet with Sheryl Crow and plenty more. He also includes a “Dixie Remix” of the track “Wasting Time” dating back to his 1999 Devil Without a Cause album. Greatest Hits You Never Saw Coming track listing: 1. “Bawitdaba” 2. “All Summer Long” 3. “Cowboy” 4. “Born Free” 5. “Devil Without A Cause” 6. “Picture” (feat. Sheryl Crow) 7. “American Bad Ass” 8. “Johnny Cash” 9. “So Hott” 10. “You Never Met A Motherf**ker Quite Like Me” 11. “Roll On” 12. “First Kiss” 13. “American Rock ‘n Roll” 14. “Only God Knows Why” 15. “Wasting Time” (Dixie Remix) Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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