Michael Stipe To Exit Instagram

“I think that we deserve better,” says former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe in regards to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In a recent interview with BBC Newsnight the singer revealed that he has decided to delete his Instagram account this week, saying that he has “had enough of it” and that “there might be a more generous platform to come along if enough people followed in my footsteps.” He also went on to comment about the effect that social media has caused in the political landscape of the country, saying, “We have a commander-in-chief who, rather than doing face-to-face interviews like this, would rather just tweet, which I find repellent and diminishing.” He added that he does not feel comfortable with being “tracked and followed.” “I don’t like the idea that they’re keeping track of how I look at things and how much time I spend looking at things,” he said. Copyright(c) 2018 RTTNews.com. All Rights ReservedLess «

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