What the Proposed Nebo School District Bond Will Do

The Nebo School District Bond would add 3 new middle schools, and rebuild the 3 high schools, without a property tax increase. Cast your vote Nov 6.

By Eric Openshaw on October 16, 2018

The following article about The Nebo School District Bond is presented by Friends of Nebo. 

Over the next ten years, Nebo School District will grow by more than 4,000 new students.
So, how will this affect you and your children? Right now people are concerned about overcrowded schools. They are concerned with the safety of the three aging high schools. And people are concerned about how property taxes will be affected.


You Gave Your Feedback!

When surveyed, the parents and community members in Nebo School District requested three things:

  • Return to the middle school model,
  • Create straight alignment patterns that are consistent with high school boundaries, and
  • Rebuild the three aging high schools.

What Would the Bond Do?

The bond will

Build Three New Middle Schools

Elementary student growth will be accommodated by moving the sixth-grade students to the middle schools, which will serve students in sixth and seventh grade. The junior high schools will serve students in eighth and ninth grades. The new middle schools will allow Nebo District to have five middle schools, five junior high schools, and five high schools.

Straight Alignment Pattern

The passing of the bond allows the district to implement a straight alignment pattern, where all students from one middle school attend the same junior high, and then all students from one junior high attend the same high school.

Rebuild Three Older High Schools

Nebo District received significant parent feedback to replace the three older high schools. This bond provides for the rebuild of Payson, Spanish Fork, and Springville High Schools.

No Tax Rate Increase

This is possible because outstanding bonds are being consistently paid off to leave capacity for new bond commitments, which will be issued gradually over time. Also, commercial and residential growth throughout the district and increased assessed valuation allow this bond to be financed with no tax rate increase. Nebo also has an AAA Bond Rating, which is the highest rating a school district can receive.

The 2018 Nebo School District Bond

The $298 million would provide six new schools, three new middle schools, and the rebuild of the three older high schools. The bond funds cannot be used for employee salaries. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by November 5, or you can still register and vote in person on November 6, for the Nebo School District Bond.

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