Sara Bareilles Unveils New Song ‘Armor’

Sara Bareilles has dropped a female-centric anthem, “Armor,” her first new non-“Waitress” single in five years. “Armor” was produced by legendary Academy Award-winning producer T Bone Burnett. Bareilles spoke to Variety about the lead single off her upcoming fourth major label album.. “To be totally honest, it’s been a hard year, watching and emotionally experiencing what been going on politically and culturally. I think we were always kind of intending to save the music until the top of next year, closer to the album release. But with everything going on, I feel my responsibility as an artist is to respond. And that’s what this is, even though the song was already written and recorded, before I was sitting there watching the Supreme Court hearings.” Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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