Martina McBride Reveals Her Cooking Inspiration

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, country singer Martina McBride spoke about her latest book, Martina’s Kitchen Mix: My Recipe Playlist for Real Life, which was released on October 30. “I am not a professional chef, I have never been to culinary school. I am just a home cook,” she said, emphasizing the fact that her passion for cooking will not overtake her music career. The singer, who released her debut title, Around the Table: Recipes and Inspiration for Gatherings Throughout the Year in 2014, says that her mother’s cooking style greatly influenced hers and added that “a lot of recipes in here are things I have been making for family and friends for years.” Having released her latest album, It’s the Holiday Season earlier this month, McBride is presently on her “The Joy of Christmas Tour” which wraps up at the Smart Financial Center on Saturday, December 8. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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