TLC’s Chilli Hopes To Perform ‘No Scrubs’ With Weezer After Hearing Cover

After Weezer released their brand new covers album on Thursday, R&B group TLC’s Chilli shared her love for the band’s cover of hit song “No Scrubs.” “This #NoScrubs cover by @Weezer is AWESOME!!! but it would be even better if we sang it with ya’ll!!! I see a TLC Weezer concert coming,” Chilli tweeted. Weezer responded, “Hope you want our number,” filling fans with the hopes of a possible collaborative effort between the two. Dubbed The Teal Album, the Weezer album covers a multitude of artists across generations, including the likes of Michael Jackson and Black Sabbath and their previously released hit cover of Toto’s “Africa.” Copyright(c) 2019 All Rights ReservedLess «

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