Daryl Stuermer Talks About Career With Genesis, Phil Collins

Genesis guitarist Daryl Stuermer spoke with Rolling Stone about his four-decade long experience with the English rock band and its frontman Phil Collins. The jazz-fusion guitarist joined Genesis in 1978. The bond between the two band members is so strong that Collins has never played a solo concert without Stuermer since then, and he has been a key part of almost every single album and every Genesis tour except the 1998 tour. In the telephone interview, Stuermer was asked about the performance of Phil’s son Nic as a little boy. “On the 2004-05 tour, there always used to be a little drum kit for little kids set up in a room backstage. He must have been four and he’d be imitating the groove on ‘Something Happened on the Way to Heaven,’ Stuermer said. “I used to sit there and think, ‘Man, he’s really good for four. I wonder if he’ll become a drummer?'” he added. “Well, of course he did. And he’s just an incredible musician.” (Photo: Andrew Bossi) Copyright(c) 2019 RTTNews.com. All Rights ReservedLess «

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