Would you wear a dress to work if your boss paid you for it?

By mbrooks on May 31, 2019
Vector illustration of a red dress on a white hanger against a black background. (Getty Images)

Would you change your regular work clothes if your boss offered you a bonus? Would you wear a dress of an approved length?

Women working for a Russian company are being offered 100 rubles ($1.53) a day on top of their regular wages for wearing a dress to work.

The company, Tatprof, is an aluminum manufacturer.

The internal communications specialist of Tatprof, Anastia Kirillova, says the chairman of the company is concerned about mixing gender roles.

The company is encouraging a traditional feminine appearance.

Tatprof calls it a “femininity marathon.”

The bonus comes with some strings attached. The dress must be “no longer than five centimetres from the knee.” The women must wear “modest makeup.” And the women must send in a picture to the company of them wearing the dress.

The bonus is intended, in the words of a Tatprof spokeman, to “brighten up our work days.”

The spokesman, Govorit Moskva, went on to say during a radio interview that the company hopes the pay-for-wearing-a-dress program will help women remember that dresses exist. And women wear them. In case they forgot.

“Many women automatically wear trousers to work, which is why we hope that our campaign will raise our ladies’ awareness, allowing them to feel their femininity and charm when they make the choice of wearing a skirt or dress,” Moskva said.

According to Yahoo, the company is also sponsoring gendered contests. For women, there is a dumpling-making contest. For men, there is a pull-up contest.

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