This lawnmower is faster than your car

By mbrooks on June 10, 2019
File – Members of the grounds crew operate mowers during the 107th U.S. Open Championship at Oakmont Country Club on June 13, 2007 in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Getty Images for John Deere)

By Matthew Brooks

This lawnmower is faster than your car. A lot faster.

And the guy in your neighborhood that spent a ton on money on a sports car? This speedster is faster than that, too.

Guinness World Records recognized it as the world’s fastest lawnmower.

It is a Honda prototype.

That means you can’t find at Home Depot.

This grass cutter is appropriately called the “Mean Mower.”

A stunt driver, Jess Hawkins, achieved the mean speed on a track in near Dresden, Germany on Thursday.

Hawkins reached 100 mph in an average of 6.29 seconds in two runs on the track.

Honda also hold another speed record. In 2014, a Honda grass cutter hit 116.87 mph.

Before Guinness would certify the lawnmower as legitimate Honda needed to demonstrate that the speedster could still cut grass.

Honda says this its crew made “light revisions to the cutter deck to house the chain driving the rear tyres and the two batteries required to power electric motors which spin carbon fibre blades to mow.”

Guinness also required that it “intrinsically look like a lawnmower.”

You can see the speedy video here.


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