Penny pyramid looks like a world record

By mbrooks on June 21, 2019
(YouTube screenshot)

By Matthew Brooks

Cory Nielsen of Phoenix, Arizona claims he has achieved a world record with the pyramid he built out of pennies.

He has built a pyramid from 1,030,315 pennies in his garage.

Nielsen writes on his YouTube page that it took him three years to complete his pyramid.

He says he took off 425 days of work for the construction.

The pyramid is 44.6 inches tall, or the height of a young child who would eagerly turn his work into a mess.

He tells The Arizona Republic that he originally set out to beat a record set in Colorado. The Colorado pyramid contained only 626,789 pennies.

Nielsen then found out that the Guinness World Record was set in Lithuania at just over a million pennies.

Nielsen says that his co-workers donated about $300 worth of pennies. He provided the rest.

That’s a $10,303.15 pyramid.

The pyramid is 65 pennies wide, 65 pennies long, and 65 pennies high.

The penny pyramid contains no glue or any other means of sticking the pennies together he says. It’s just penny on top of penny, more than a million times.

He expects a visit from Guinness World Records on June 24 to officially set the new world record.

A video follows the construction from some loose change to some serious cash.

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