Watch 7,046 packs of gum fall like dominoes – it’s a world record

By mbrooks on July 17, 2019
Getty Images

By Matthew Brooks

There is a world record for stacking packs of gum like dominoes and knocking them over. The organizers of the Gum Domino Guinness World Record Challenge in Shanghai intended to beat the world record on Monday.

To qualify as a Guinness World Record, the packs of gum must be set up and later fall. Any packs of gum that don’t fall don’t count.

The bubble gum demonstration starts out as a swirl, then transitions to a river-like path.

A highlight of the domino-esque presentation comes near the end of the video when a multi-layer domino wall snakes around. The wall portrays an image which becomes a new picture when the forefront gum packs fall.

The number of gum dominoes that fell was officially tallied at 7,046. This number was enough to qualify as new world record for gum dominoes.

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