Win $30K to chase your dream

By Saige Miller on August 29, 2019
Shot of a young woman looking at a map while touring a foreign country. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Are you one job and $30,000 short of being able to chase your dream? One company is giving away $30K to three lucky people if they promise to quit their job and follow their life-long dream.

Seem too good to be true? Probably a scam? Nope! This is real life. STōK  Clod Brew Coffee is giving you a financial push to finally cross some items off of your bucket list!

STōK wants to motivate hard-working people to take time for themselves. Want to hike the Pacific Crest Trail? Travel all of East Asia? Move to Costa Rica and start a whole new life? Now is your chance.

The requirements

Send an e-mail to with a maximum 300-word summary about what you currently do for a living and how $30,000 would help you make moves towards your goals. The application is open until Labor Day (Monday, September 2nd).

STōK is paying for you to experience your dream of choice for 2-4 weeks before the end of 2019. Your main priority will be soaking in your dream while capturing and sharing the time of your life on social media.

It’s time to take a break! Treat yourself! Stop asking yourself ‘what if’ and apply! You have nothing to lose. You only have $30,000 and a dream to gain.

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