Teacher gives birth on school sidewalk

By mbrooks on September 9, 2019

By Matthew Brooks

Some children can’t wait to get to school.

A sixth-grade teacher was at a middle school in Colorado her baby decided to arrive.

Delivery was imminent. The teacher gave birth to her daughter on the sidewalk in front of the middle school.

Lindsay Agbalokwu is a reading teacher at The DSST: Conservatory Green in a Denver neighborhood.

Agbalokwu was not due until Sept. 17.

While working at the school, she realized he needed to get to the hospital.

“Then all of a sudden, it was just so much pressure and pain, I was like, ‘I think she’s coming now! I think we need to just call 911,'” she told KDVR-TV in Colorado.

Agbalokwu did not make it beyond the sidewalk of the school.

Another teacher, the principal, and a dean assisted in the delivery until some firefighters arrived.

The baby was born, weighing eight pounds, six ounces.

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