Disney adding 400 vegan options to its restaurants

By Matthew Brooks

Disney is bringing 400 vegan options to its theme park restaurants, quick-service carts, and restaurants.

Coming to Disneyland in L.A. 2020 and Disney World this October, the meals and other menu items will wholly plant-based.

In the tradition of the parks, the food options will match the theme of the areas.

The Star Wars area of the Disney World will offer “Tatooine Two Suns Hummus.”

At the three Disneyland hotels, there will be”Carrot Gnocchi” at The Turf Club Bar, among other options.

Vegan options will be marked with a green leaf on the menu.

Disney is not doing away with the hot dogs and burgers that have become the standard theme park fare.

If you are the only one in your group who wants an old-fashioned “meat on a stick” option, Disney’s California Adventures offers what might be the best corn dog in the world.

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