Reporter’s son has unforgettable time crashing the news

By mbrooks on October 10, 2019

By Matthew Brooks

Working at the office while raising young children is no easy task.

For MSNBC reporter Courtney Kube, her son needed his mom right then. It didn’t matter to him that she was on live TV.

She was attempting to describe an issue in Syria and Turkey. Her son attempted to get her attention.

She’s not alone.

One dad was a guest expert on the BBC back in 2017 when two of his children made a surprise appearance.

The dad is Robert Kelly, a political analyst. His children dropped in when he shared his thoughts on politics in South Korea.

Having your children interrupt a newscast, or any job, is one thing. For a little girl to do a cute little dance followed by a bouncing baby, its a TV gem. Even if mom and dad are deeply embarrassed by it.

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