Robots can drive your car … and your luggage for you

By mbrooks on October 14, 2019

By Matthew Brooks

An autonomous robot can vacuum your house and drive your car (not the same robot, of course).

What else can robots do for us? They can be and take care of our luggage.

We’ve all been there. A purse, plane tickets, a morning bagel, and a small child or two.

When you don’t have a free hand for your luggage, why can’t it take care of itself?

That’s right. Self-driving luggage.

It’s not the future. It’s today.

The near future could have you board a driverless bus to get to the airport with your self-driving luggage.

Get it in blue and call it R2-D2, if that’s your thing.

(Travelmate Robotics)

A GPS and a smartphone app makes sure it follows you.

The GPS feature also lets you know where it is. My luggage is in Finland?! At least it’s not lost forever!

The little creature also knows how much it weighs. No more charges for overweight baggage. This thing could pay for itself.

Ahh, the cost. Robots aren’t free. Yet.

The small Travelmate will set you back $1,099. The cost goes up as the size goes up.

A self-driving golf caddy will set you back $2,000.

If you would prefer help with the household chores, maybe an automatic folding machine would help you more.

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