The end of Toto?

By mbrooks on October 17, 2019
ANAHEIM, CA – JANUARY 25: Toto’s Joseph Williams celebrating Yamaha’s 125th Anniversary Live Around the World Dealer Concert performs at the Hyperion Theater on January 25, 2013 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Yamaha)

By Matthew Brooks

Toto is done. For now, anyway.

The band’s last stop on their tour and the last scheduled concert is this week in Philadelphia.

After that, “I don’t know what the future-future’s gonna be, but I do know that’s gonna be the last show … for the foreseeable future – and certainly the end of this configuration of Toto,” bandmember Steve Lukather.

In an interview with The Morning Call, Lukather says the decision is partly based on personal decisions.

David Paich’s health is in decline. Lukather says that Paich, “had some sort of a seizure or something like that. We went home and he had to retire from touring because of his health. Apparently, he pushed himself a little too hard and he fell, you know, so to speak.”

Then there’s the grueling tour schedule.

Lukather says “it’s a burden to be away from your family 230 days a year.”

The band leaves behind a golden track record.

Their premier album went double platinum, titled “Toto.” Multiple albums went gold, including “Toto IV.”

The band garnered six Grammy awards. Among those, “Rosanna” won Record of the Year in 1983. “Toto IV” won Album of the Year, also in 1983.



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