Dolly Parton ready to make more dance music

By mbrooks on October 26, 2019
GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND – JUNE 29: Dolly Parton performs on the Pyramid Stage during Day 3 of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm on June 29, 2014 in Glastonbury, England. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

By Matthew Brooks

Dolly Parton did not intend to give a great deal of focus on dance music.

Other artists have modified her work into dance remixes.

Parton specifically remembers hearing renditions of her “Peace Train” and “Baby, I’m Burnin’” remade for the dancefloor.

Faith is opening doors for more dance songs.

John Hiatt’s 1987 song “Have a Little Faith in Me, that is.

“As soon as I heard it, I thought, ‘Yes! This is a song that the world needs right now,’” she tells Rolling Stone. “It’s all about uplifting mankind and believing in a higher power. All the things we need in this dark, ol’ dreary world right now.”

She collaborated with Dutch artists Mr. Probz, Linus Eklöw, and Christian Karlsson to make “Faith” her own.

“I ‘Dolly-ized’ it a bit and wrote some more spiritual things inside [the lyrics],” Parton says.

Her eyes are pointed towards making more dance music with the collaboration of other artists.

“I always know inside myself what’s right and what’s wrong to do, and this felt really right,” Parton says. “I’m open to doing more with them and continue with this — if this does well.”


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