Bon Jovi single pays tribute to vets and their service dogs

By mbrooks on November 1, 2019
WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 26: Jason Haag runs with his service dog Axel during A&E’s “Dogs Of War” 2K-9 Race honoring veterans and celebrating their canine companions on October 26, 2014 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for A+E)

By Matthew Brooks

Bon Jovi might make you cry.

His new single, “Unbroken” pays tribute to those who give their lives in service of others.

The song shines a light on the barely-adult soldiers who are willingly travel to far places to preserve life.

The soldiers (some of them) then come home in need of service themselves.

Enter the dogs.

“Unbroken” offers love to the service dogs who help with the wounds of war, including PTSD.

My service dog’s done more for me

Than the medication would

The song is doing more than honoring the armed forces with words. The Patriotic Service Dog Foundation will receive all proceeds from downloads of the song.

“Unbroken” shines a needed light on the plague of suicide that takes the lives of veterans and forever scars their families and this nation.

The song is a humble patriotic hymn to the soldier.

Well, the blessing and the curse is

Yeah, I’d do it all again

Listen to the song below.

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