E.T. visits Elliot in holiday reunion commercial

By Matthew Brooks

There are some movies that are part of our culture. “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” is one those movies.

Entertainment Weekly puts “E.T.” on the list of movies that every child should see. It’s true.

If you and the little ones in your life have seen “E.T.” you are ready to watch a new Xfinity commercial.

The commercial is 4-minute reunion of E.T. and Elliot.

Featured in the commercial is the actor who played the main character original, Henry Thomas.

The voice of E.T. was originally provided by Pat Welsh. Welsh died in 1995.

John Williams’ heartfelt and masterful score is wisely part of the presentation.

If the commercial does nothing else, it will make you want to go back and watch the movie. That’s a good thing.

Variety says that Steven Spielberg, the director of the 1982 movie, was “consulted through the process.”

 Elliot is all grown up, but E.T. has hardly aged at all.

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