Stocking hacks to make Christmas a bit better

By mbrooks on December 3, 2019
Four Christmas stockings hang from a mantelpiece. The wall above the mantelpiece provides ample room for copy and text.

By Matthew Brooks

For many of us, stockings are No. 3 on Christmas morning-musts, right after the tree and presents.

And each other. Family is everything.

The origin of the Christmas stocking says money was put in the stocking to help the poor.

Consider how the stocking can be about giving and getting.

Homemade stockings

For my family, stockings are a precious part of Christmas.

My wife was given a handmade stocking when she was born. And it’s still part of our Christmas celebrations. We have added one for myself and for our children.

A homemade stocking can be personalized, which adds to how special they are.

The personalization can be as simple as adding a photo.

Although I confess the photo on my oldest child’s stocking remained his baby picture into his teen years.

Personalizing doesn’t require you to make it from scratch, it just means you are making it yours.

What’s inside

Stocking stuffers are like the appetizer of a meal. It doesn’t need to be large. It satisfies our appetite with something quick and satisfying.

Oranges are an inseparable part of the Christmas stocking for many us. The reasons differ, but in the end we hope we can find for ourselves and for our children something healthy to eat.

Filling the stocking with candy leads to filling ourselves with candy! Not that it’s a bad thing.

You may want to consider putting “healthier” treats in the stocking.

Growing up in my family, we could always depend on that stocking being half-full of peanuts.

I am a big fan of Rice Krispie treats. I am an even bigger fan of Rice Krispie treats being made out of Fruity Pebbles.

There are many other foods would be a treat without being really unhealthy.




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