Simple hacks to reduce your wrapping paper

By mbrooks on December 23, 2019
Decorated christmas gifts under fir tree on snow , background with copy space

Matthew Brooks

We’ve all been there. One more present to wrap but there’s not enough wrapping paper to finish the job.

Fear no more!

One idea: Use cloth as wrapping paper. It’s popular in Japan. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

Another idea: Use photos for the tag instead of names. Adorable! This idea comes from One Little Project.

How about brown paper packages tied with string? Untying knots can add a bit of fun to the usual tearing of paper. Do you feel like that brown paper is a bit too plain? That’s where crayons come in. You could do it yourself. But you know there are people in your life who will enjoy the project a lot more.

For the bows, what makes kids more excited than candy? Christmas? Combine the two! From Redtri comes the idea to make bows out of candy.

See the pictures below for a simple wrapping hack that could save you some frustration this Christmas season.

Try wrapping that present diagonally!

(Matthew Brooks)

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