Liked the Masked Singer? Get ready for the Masked Dancer

By Camden Mondeaux on January 8, 2020
A set of men and women street dance hip hop dancers in silhouette

By: Cami Mondeaux

Launching off the success of the hit-TV show, “The Masked Singer” Fox is partnering with Ellen DeGeneres to create a new spinoff series: “The Masked Dancer.”

That’s right. Everybody’s favorite day-time talk show host and infamous dancer Ellen DeGeneres is spearheading this new idea.

And we are all for it.

Ellen has already been toying with this idea on her show The Ellen Show, formatting the competition in a similar way to the singing variation.

On her show, Ellen watches disguised contestants dance and then guess who they are. Which is basically the same concept as the Masked Singer.

But, obviously singing is different from dancing. Which is Fox is still trying to figure out the details on how exactly this would work.

But, the show has a lot of promise because dancing reality shows regularly do well and often better than singing shows. Just look at Dancing with the Stars, for example.

But guessing who somebody is from dancing would be much more difficult. At least with singing, some argue that you can latch on to a familiar sound to guess. But dancing? Unless it’s Shakira shaking her hips, it all basically looks the same.

But, Fox and Ellen are both excited to get started on this project and creative journey.

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