The Oscars won’t have a host again this year

By Camden Mondeaux on January 13, 2020
Oscar nominee
Oscar nominees: Oscar, Oscar Award blank plate

By: Cami Mondeaux

The Oscars are slated to return Feb. 9 on ABC — and the full list of nominees is out! But, what else is really interesting this year is the hosting decision: there is none.

The Academy Awards has been awarding our favorite actors and directors for 92 years. It’s a chance to see our favorite stars on stage together, celebrating each other and their successes.

But, for the second year in a row, the awards show will be hostless.

Last year, the show went without a host after Kevin Hart dropped out last minute because of backlash from controversial tweets from a decade ago. But, the show must go on. And, so it did — and it actually did better than previous shows with a host.

The show saw a 12% increase in viewers compared to Jimmy Kimmel’s hosting the year before (which actually ended up being an all-time low in viewings for the Oscars… sorry, Jimmy).

Because of that, show coordinators decided they were going to press their luck and try it again. Maybe having no host is their secret sauce.

Some argue that the controversy surrounding Kevin Hart may have been a contributor to the uptick in viewers — but I guess we’ll find out on Feb. 9.

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