10 Questions to Never Ask an Introvert

By Camden Mondeaux on January 17, 2020
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By: Cami Mondeaux

Ah, the dreaded question: “Why don’t you talk more?”

The question has haunted introverts for generations. With extroverts not understanding the pressure and anxiety that comes with speaking to people they don’t know, speaking in class, speaking to crowds… speaking in general.

There seems to be a million unspoken rules for things you should never ask introverts. In fact, some introverts believe there should be a handbook that spells it all out.

Well, over the weekend introverts took to Twitter to compose their own rulebook: #StupidQuestionsForIntroverts

Here are a few of our favorites:

#1: Yes, being an introvert means being quiet.

It’s all in the name. You don’t have to ask why.

#2: There’s a reason it’s called IN-trovert


IN-troverts like to stay IN-side. Again, all in the name.

#3: Raising your hand requires a LOT of work


It may be easy for extroverts, but for introverts — it takes a while to hype themselves up to ask a question.

#4: Love doesn’t come easy


As if teachers weren’t difficult enough to talk to… imagine trying to make a love connection. Unheard of.

#5: Phones should never be for calling. Ever.


Just pretend that the cellphone doesn’t have a call function. Because introverts will literally just watch it ring and then send a text saying, “Sorry I missed your call – what’s up?” Every time.

#6: Weekends have a whole different meaning.


Friday nights are more of an opportunity to recharge and escape from people rather than going out to… see more people.

#7: If food can be delivered, don’t expect them to go out.


#8: The best kind of plans are the ones you never want to turn down.


They don’t need to know who your plans are with. Self-care, right?

#9: The most dreaded question.


How about no?

#10: Maybe introverts aren’t introverts at all.


Maybe we’re all extroverts on the inside.

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