Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Gift? Cool Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts for Your Family and Friends

By Eric Openshaw on February 12, 2020
Photo: Getty Images/FM 100.3

Are you looking for last-minute Valentine’s gifts for your family and friends? Here are a few great ideas that are under $50 so you can give the people you love something special!

Powerport Strip Pd 2 Mini ($34)

Photo: Amazon

You know devices like these because it’s the kind of accessory that you can’t imagine how you lived without it.  The PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini is one of those. With two grounded power outlets, 2 USB ports, a USB-C port, it’s compact and easy to move around. It’s an easy way to charge all your favorite computer stuff at home or on the road.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls ($45)

Photo: Amazon

If you’re a golfer you know you can never have enough quality golf balls on hand for 18 holes. Let’s face it, we all lose our tee shots in the rough. The Callaway Chrome golf balls may not have GPS trackers inside them yet, but they make an awesome gift to both pro and weekend warriors. You can even customize them with a personalized message.

Peak Design Slide Lite ($49)

Photo: Amazon

For amateur and pro photographers alike, the Slide Lite is a quick way to attach, detach, and adjust a camera strap to multiple camera bodies. You can wear your camera in sling mode, neck mode, or just over your shoulder.  The nylon webbing is smooth on one side and grippy on the other side. You can easily slide it right over clothes. If you’ve ever had to remove camera straps to mount it to tripods and gimbals, the Slide Lite is a real lifesaver.

Biolite Sunlight Mini ($25)

Photo: Amazon

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll love the BioLite SunLight. It’s a 100-lumen dimmable lantern that charges itself during the day and runs for up to 50 hours.  It’s the size of an ice cream sandwich, and it’s available in a few different colors.  If you are always forgetting batteries, the SunLight is a great addition to the camping gear or emergency kit.

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