South Jordan students raise money for Australia

By Saige Miller on February 19, 2020
South Jordan school raises money for Australia
Paradigm School students helping raise money for Australia after the wildfires

By: Saige Miller

In 2019, stretching into 2020, Australia experienced devastating wildfires. The fires scorched around 27 million acres of land, some 2,500 homes burned to the ground, and an estimated 1.25 billion animals were lost in the fires.

The amount of destruction Australia faced was catastrophic–and the damage didn’t sit well with thousands of people. Since the fires, at least $70 million dollars has been raised to help the country recover.

Among those donors is a group of teenagers from Paradigm Schools in South Jordan. A charter school consisting of 450 students have turned their efforts towards raising money to help Australia rebuild and recover from the ongoing fires.

Inspiring Paradigm students, families, and scholars have held “Penny Wars” competitions, silent auctions, a benefit concert, a game and comedy night, they’ve gone door-to-door asking for donations, and in some instances, handing over an entire paycheck to the cause.

“Penny Wars” fundraiser at Paradigm Charter School to raise money for the wildfires in Australia. Photo credit: James Horman

To motivate the school to raise $10,000 for Australia, Paradigm’s director, Mr.¬†Fernando Seminario, and all the male members of the student council have promised to bleach their hair white!

The school hoped to raise $10,000 and surpassed their goal!

It’s amazing to see young students working hard to aid those (and little animals. Think about the koalas!) impacted by the horrendous fires that have annihilated a beautiful country.

A round of applause and much-deserved recognition to Paradigm Schools!


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