Quarantine cuisine: America’s favorite takeout

By Saige Miller on April 9, 2020
favorite takeout
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By: Colby Walker and Saige Miller

Nothing like putting on your stretchy pants and watching a binge-worthy show all while gobbling down some delicious takeout food.

America seems to be enjoying premade cuisine. Numbers from Uber Eats show takeout orders in the US and Canada have increased by 30% since the novel coronavirus was declared a national emergency in March.

So, what is everyone eating?

Topping the list: French Fries.

Are you even shocked? Potatoes are the best food group. So versatile and so tasty.

The most popular takeout option

Whether its French, Waffle or Notso, fried spuds topped the list for 9 states across the country including Utah.

Our top takeout: Carne Asada fries.

If you need something to wash down all that satisfying starch, Uber had you covered. Their most popular beverage was soda, followed by Thai iced tea, Horchata, and iced coffee.

Other notable chart-toppers were Crab Rangoon in Missouri and Wisconsin, Chips and Queso in Louisiana and spicy tuna rolls in Oklahoma.

You can find the whole list here

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