Radcliffe, Beckham to read first ‘Harry Potter’ book

By Camden Mondeaux on May 6, 2020
Harry Potter
Copies of author J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series story books sit in a bookstore July 6, 2000 in Arlington, Va. Rowling’s fourth book, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” is due for release just after midnight on July 8. (Photo by Alex Wong/Newsmakers)

Celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe and David Beckham will take part in reading J.K. Rowling’s first “Harry Potter” book, going through chapter by chapter. 

By: Cami Mondeaux

Rowling’s Wizarding World announced on Twitter that all 17 chapters of “The Sorcerer’s Stone” will be read in a series of video and audio recordings — for free. It’s all part of the Harry Potter at Home series.

Dakota Fanning, Stephen Fry, Claudia Kim, Noma Dumezweni and Eddi Redmayne are all expected to share in reading some of the chapters.

Radcliffe, who starred as Harry in the film adaptations, kicked off the series — reading the first chapter “The Boy Who Lived.” The first chapter can be found on harrypotterathome.com.

Other videos are posted weekly on the website, with audio recordings available for free on Spotify.

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