Pink makes awesome home obstacle course for her 3-year-old son

By tsell on May 7, 2020
Pink and son Jameson
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 05: Pink and Jameson Hart attend a ceremony honoring Pink with the 2,656th star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame on February 05, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Pink and her son’s homemade obstacle course is sure to excite any toddler in quarantine

By Trent Sell

Singer-songwriter Pink made an awesome obstacle course for her 3-year-old son during their quarantine at their home. Keeping your kids occupied during a quarantine is no easy task, but Pink made the best of it and her son loved it too.

On Thursday Pink posted a video of her son running through the course as she cheered him on. 3-year-old Jameson rocked an epic Spider-Man mask during his attempt, making the video even more adorable and entertaining. With a smile on his face he jumped through hula hopes, balanced across a bean bag, rode a mini-rollercoaster, and army crawled under ropes.

As he made his way under the ropes Pink shouts “Don’t touch the ropes, the ropes are lava!”

The two have been through a lot in the past months with both of them contracting the Coronavirus, but they were sure in good spirits now, seeing them have so much fun in the video. In early April, Pink went on the Ellen DeGenerous Show to talk for a virtual interview. She explained the terrible symptoms she and Jameson faced during their experience with the virus.

“It started with Jameson, actually, and you know he’s 3, 3-year-olds get sick all the time. But he started with a fever March 14th, we’ve been quarantined since March 11th . . . [His fever] would come and go, and then he would have stomach pains, and diarrhea, and chest pains, and then a headache, and then [a] sore throat. It was sort of just all over the place. Every day was some new symptom.”

Her experience inspired her to speak up in support of free widespread testing across the country. Read more here.

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