The Office’s Stanley fundraising for his own spin-off series

By tsell on July 8, 2020
LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 05: Actors Leslie David Baker and Kate Flannery appear on-stage during Bravo Network’s 2nd Annual A-List Awards at the Orpheum Theatre on April 5, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

Help continue the legacy of “Stanley Hudson”

By Trent Sell

While this is not a full The Office reboot, Leslie David Baker, who plays Stanley, is looking to start his own TV series spin-off.

Kickstarter for Stanley

Leslie Baker portrayed the grumpy yet beloved Stanely Hudson in the hit TV series The Office. The fellow Dunder Mifflin employee wants to continue the character’s legacy with his own show.

Leslie Baker has officially started a Kickstarter to raise funds for the series “Uncle Stan.” Their goal of $300,000 will cover a pilot episode, with further ambitions of it evolving into a full series. Over $33,000 have been pledged so far, at the time of writing this article.

Your next question probably is, will the entire original Office cast be involved? While that would be epic, it is not the sole focus of this show. It follows the story of Uncle Stan, But the Kickstarter mentions the possibility of The Office cast member’s making guest appearances.

Taken from the FAQ section of the Kickstarter page.

“Will the original cast of “The Office” be invited to make guest appearances on Uncle Stan?



The proposed storyline is set to pick up with Stanley post-Dunder Mifflin, when he retires in Florida. The plot is stated as follows.

“After enjoying his retirement in Florida, carving wood, enjoying the white sand beaches, and dancing to old disco, Uncle Stan (Leslie David Baker) gets a call from his nephew Lucky in Los Angeles asking for help with his two kids and running his motorcycle/flower shop. With his business failing, his kids growing up without enough attention, and on the brink of losing his patience with the cast of characters he has working in the shop, Lucky is going to need all the help he can get from no-nonsense Uncle Stan.”

Need a little more Stanley in your day? Check out this “The Best of Stanley – The Office” video to get you more excited about this potential TV series.

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