3 Touchless Video Conferencing Components You Need: What You Need to Look for in a Professional A/V Streaming System

What do you know about professional touchless video conferencing components? And what do you need to make your conference room state of the art?

By Eric Openshaw on September 2, 2020
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Video conferencing quickly became a new normal for conference rooms and classrooms across the country during the pandemic. However, now that people have realized the ease of doing video conferencing, it’s much more likely to be a permanent addition to the business lexicon much more than it ever has been. But what do you know about professional A/V Streaming systems? And what components do you need to make your conference room state of the art? Here are 3 touchless video conferencing components you need.

Professional Display

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Every presentation starts with a professional display to be able to show beautiful presentations. First of all, you should be looking for a display that is simple to use. The last thing you need when you are jumping into a meeting or presentation is time spent troubleshooting something like a monitor. It can waste time and can distract from the purpose of the meeting or presentation. You’ll also want fine detail that only a 4K display can provide. Having detail means you can show presentations, videos, and other visuals to make your point.

Another thing you will want to look for is connectivity. Not only do you want the ability to physically connect external peripherals and devices, but you will likely also want to be able to integrate your network and your serial communication controls. That maximizes your ability to quickly find what you are looking for and present it in a streamlined fashion. And of course, these monitors eliminate the need for touch.

Video Conferencing Camera

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To get streaming, you might underestimate the importance of how you look on the screen of your viewers. A laptop camera is just not going to be able to do the job. And people in your meetings and presentations will notice good quality. All in one video conferencing cameras can be a great way to go because you’ll be able to have a wide field of view. This makes it so you have a little space to be able to walk around without you going off-screen and having people wonder where you went. The all in one camera also include microphones. But there is another, much better solution that you should look into as well. And once these are set up, there isn’t any need to adjust them, making them a great part of your touchless presentation system.

An Advanced Microphone System

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Have you ever been on a Zoom or Teams meeting where the person on the other end looked fine, but you could only hear every other word? It’s one of the most frustrating parts of virtual conferencing. Well, you could get a lapel microphone, but that means you are going to be tied down with a cable. Or if you opt for a wireless lapel system, but that could mean it could walk out of your conference room or classroom too easily. And those systems can be a little complicated too. You could just hook up a handheld microphone, but that takes up a hand of the presenter, making their job more difficult. And being stuck on a podium gives no freedom for a presenter to walk around.

That’s where beamforming microphones are becoming much more popular. Beamforming microphones eliminate the problems of other presentation microphones. These are hard-wired into the A/V system, are attached to the ceiling, and allow the presenter to be able to walk around the presentation area while still capturing their voice in crystal clear detail. And these microphones also don’t run the risk of feeding back. That makes these microphone the perfect hands-off and touchless microphone systems.

Set-Up Video Conferencing Components

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No Idea how to set any of this up? Not a problem! TVS Pro can help you get your conference room up and running – whether you are using Teams, Zoom, or another conferencing app! If you’re a state-funded agency, they offer Best Value Cooperative Contracts – and pricing which you can access online. Contact TVS Pro now!

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