In this race unlike any other, four teams take a 10-day journey across the country to discover new relatives and compete for a $50,000 grand prize. Using the contestant’s DNA as a road map, this first-of-its-kind, genealogy-based reality show is all about meeting family, completing challenges, and racing against the clock!

Episode 1 – airing 2/21
An all-new season of family discovery has four teams competing for $50,000. Get to know the team members and find out why they’re desperately searching for family! Dan surprises everyone with a new twist at the starting line. A GPS unit makes a shocking appearance in the cars—but it’s not what you think!

Episode 2 – airing 2/28
A mysterious GPS unit changes the navigation game. A life-size puzzle has the teams scrambling to work together and solve a visual riddle. Monika learns more about her mom and what happened when she was adopted. Kacey discovers an important connection on her father’s side. The twins meet a relative that shares their life struggles and remembers when they were taken away to foster care. Elizabeth makes a discovery that changes the course of her life forever and launches a quest to find three siblings.

Episode 3 – airing 3/7
The competition heats up as Team Green dishes out a costly penalty to another team. Teams chip and putt their way through a tedious golf challenge. Kacey discovers a brother on her father’s side and goes shopping to help his kids. Monika finds out her family is bigger than she thought and learns who her grandfather is. The twins find a relative that has been searching for them for 20 years. Elizabeth discovers a key relative in the place her father’s family has called home for a generation.

Episode 4 – airing 3/14
A rivalry takes shape when Team Green dishes out a costly penalty. A basketball-inspired challenge leaves one team shooting long-distance air balls. All the teams reflect on the importance of their adoptive parents in their lives. Monika meets a woman that changed the course of her life forever. The twins bond with a special cousin who remembers them as infants. Kacey’s musical roots hit a high note with a close family member. Devin comes closer to narrowing down who his father may be.

Episode 5 – airing 3/21
The teams struggle to find balance in a difficult tandem challenge. Monika learns she was thought of and missed by her biological family. Liz unravels another answer in the search for her siblings. Monika meets someone who’s been searching for her since birth. The twins learn about their mom through an emotional connection.

Episode 6 – airing 3/28
The teams must talk their way through a mouth-bending challenge. Kacey reads a letter her sibling wrote for her 20 years ago. Monika instantly recognizes a relative from his picture. Liz’s life is transformed forever with the surprise of her life!

Episode 7 – airing 4/4
Team Red’s immunity prize causes friction among the teams. A dress-up challenge has the teams scrambling to match outfits and geography! Monika makes a life-changing discovery and helps bridge a gap on her mother’s side of the family. Kacey finds out the difficult answers surrounding her adoption and meets a key family member she’s been waiting for. Liz sees her grandmother’s grave for the first time, and Devin meets a special relative with answers about his biological father.

Episode 8 – airing 4/11
Team Red has an emotional video call home to their two sons. The twins lock in for a fuzzy visual challenge with some hilarious penalties. Joe and Anthony meet a relative with important answers about who their mother is and why they were put up for adoption. Monika meets an important cousin. Sean finds a connection with his biological father, who served in the military. Liz completes her family tree with an unforgettable discovery on her father’s side of the family.


Episode 9 – airing 4/18
For the first time EVER on Relative Race ALL 4 teams have two strikes. Someone will be going home tonight! The teams battle it out on the challenge field with a test of balance and careful skill. Sean meets a family member with connections to his father who died in the military. Monika meets a long lost Aunt and unveils an incredible surprise during the visit. Devin meets a special cousin with deep connections to his mother’s family. The twins, Joe and Anthony, finally meet their mother in an emotionally charged reunion.