Select 25

FM100.3 is teaming up with SelectHealth to award Utah organizations that are improving health and wellness across the state

Recipients of the “Select 25 Grant” will receive $2,500 to use towards making a healthy difference in their communities and help them advance their mission of service. Applications for the Select 25 Grant are being accepted through March 1st. Apply for the grant today at SELECTHEALTH.ORG.

The Select 25 Grant is brought to you by the SelectHealth and FM100.3

Each year, SelectHealth awards $2,500 to 25 organizations throughout Utah. These organizations improve health and wellness, serve a special population, create safe environments, and build strong neighborhoods.

We’ve selected the first 24 award winners, but we need your help to select the 25th winner. Our 25th winner will be chosen based on which organization receives the most votes.

Please submit your vote for one of the two finalists at: CLICK HERE (Only one vote per person).