Money Making Sense

The goal of Money Making Sense is to help you find more financial peace. Host Heather Kelly and guest experts focus on reviewing paychecks and analyzing family decisions. They also talk about reviewing paychecks and analyzing family decisions. They also talk about vacationing on a budget, retirement savings on a limited income, reducing household expenses, the financial impact of owning a pet and how money affects relationships. Money Making Sense will give you practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Money Making Sense is a 2017, 2018 and 2020 People's Choice Podcast Finalist. 
SUNDANCE: Small business owners rely on festivals for their lifeline   (19:48) January 20, 2021
Small business owners in were already struggling through the pandemic.  Now the several film festivals which are a life-line to many are going virtual.  Billy Holden, VP for SAG-AFTRA in Utah, discusses Sundance 2021 and its affect on the Park City economy. Billy and Heather also talk about how other film festivals are looking to […]
Now’s the time to teach your kids good financial habits   (25:05) January 13, 2021
Teaching children about finances in a way which mirrors reality can be a struggle.  Certified Financial Planner, Gregg Murset, developed BusyKid to do just that. Find out why this tool will help kids learn the value of money in an electronic way without using antiquated methods like jars or envelopes. And, if you’re worried about […]
Should you buy into Bitcoin?   (15:19) January 06, 2021
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to diversify your portfolio, you may want to think about cryptocurrencies.  Spencer Montgomery, the founder of Uinta Crypto, tells host Heather Kelly what you need to about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. You can follow this show on Instagram and on Facebook. And to see what Heather does when she’s […]
Wall Street doesn’t need people to be employed   (16:18) December 30, 2020
One reason Wall Street continues to see record highs while so many are out of work is, it doesn’t require employees to function. John Stoj, Financial Planner with Verbatim Financial, breaks down the differences between Main Street and Wall Street and how to get the best return on your investments. You can follow this show […]
Is your salary affected by workplace bullying?   (27:45) December 23, 2020
Are you being bullied or harassed in your job?  There’s a free app for that.  LeBaron Meyers, President of #NotMe says many employees don’t report abuse right away because they are uncomfortable speaking about it in the ways which currently exist. Ariel Weindling,  Ariel Weindling, the founder and CEO of #NotMe says misconduct is not an HR Problem, […]
Charitable giving is different during a pandemic   (23:11) December 16, 2020
If you donated money to a University in order to get sports tickets, it’s no longer legal to write off that gift on your taxes. UACPA members, Shalaun Howell and Marc Metcalf, join CEO Susan Speirs to discuss how charitable giving during the pandemic affects not only your taxes, but the organizations as well. And for […]
Are you carrying COVID-19 where ever you go?   (13:51) December 09, 2020
We’ve all learned to wash our hands and wipe down kitchen counter tops to keep coronavirus at bay, but what about our cars?  Zoriy Birenboym, the founder and CEO of explains what we’re missing and why it’s so important. You can follow this show on Instagram and on Facebook. And to see what Heather does when she’s […]
Are you handling your AI devices like your finances?   (28:51) December 02, 2020
Did you just buy a smart TV during the Black Friday sales?  Chris Wilis, Chief of Design for Domo says it could be spying on you.  Find out what you can do to prevent your personal information from being sent to marketers. And discover how hackers can use your AI devices against you.  Chris also […]
Are you sabotaging your relationship with money?   (30:05) November 25, 2020
Holding every penny you own in a tight squeeze could be having the opposite affect you want.  Money Therapist, Jennifer Love, says people need to start asking some hard questions about themselves before wealth will come to them. Love says starting with gratefulness is a great way to make some simple, but effective changes.  And […]
Will Team Teaching stretch your educational tax dollars?   (25:54) November 18, 2020
Where are your educational tax dollars going?  Brandon Wright, editorial director for Thomas B. Fordham Institute, says ‘team teaching’ is the way forward and will save money. He says the book “Getting the Most Bang for the Educational Book” explains how getting rid of the ‘one-teacher, one-classroom’ model can provide $6,000,000.00 more to hire the […]
WARNING! Your adult kids may be moving back home   (26:53) November 11, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic is causing more adults than ever before to move back home with mom and dad.  Founder of Decker Retirement Planning, Brian Decker, says 27-Million millenials are returning to the nest because they either lost their job or have reduced hours. Brian gives 3-tips for parents and 3-tips for adult children to know […]
3 Ways to Master Internet Costs   (20:29) October 21, 2020
Is slow internet speeds while working from home driving you nuts?  Staff writer, Rebecca Armstrong from has advice on how to fix it. Also, how do you know if really your internet or your wi-fi that’s causing the problem?  And what’s the difference between the two? You can follow this show on Instagram and […]
Do you have a managed fertility plan at your work?   (23:20) October 14, 2020
What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged fertility plans?  Peter Nieves the Chief Commercial Officer with WINFertility, explains the difference and why you should care — even you’re not planning to have children. Nieves says having more people on insurance plans, even specialied ones, brings down the costs for employees and companies, alike. You can follow […]
Is virtual maternity care the way forward?   (26:06) October 07, 2020
Seeing your doctor, face-to-face, is increasingly difficult — especially if you’re pregnant.  But, the president and co-founder of Babyscripts, Juan Pablo Segura, says virtual maternity care not only frees up a doctor’s schedule, it’s also less expensive. Find out how having your blood pressure monitored from home as well as occassional face-time appointments via smart […]
Keep your credit score safe while out of work   (13:34) September 30, 2020
Are you late paying bills or not paying at all?  Jill Gonzales, a contributor with WalletHub, says that’s the worst thing to do for your credit scores.  Find out what you can do to protect yourself while unemployed. You can follow this show on Instagram and on Facebook. And to see what Heather does when she’s not talking […]
Are you financially prepared for the holidays?   (24:43) September 23, 2020
Many people plan all year long for Christmas.  But for those who don’t, Ariane Gibson, VP Financial Services for Utah Housing Corporation as advice on how you can budget; even if you’re just starting now. And Susan Speirs, the CEO of Utah Association of CPA’s explains what you can and cannot write off on your […]
How much money makes you happy during a pandemic?   (20:26) September 16, 2020
Host Heather Kelly is joined by her colleague Dan Spindle of KSL-5 TV to discuss happiness and income. Did your baseline for being comfortable change since the pandemic hit?  And why do people in Britain only require half as much money as the rest of the Western world to feel good? You can follow this […]
Taking wooden money is legal in this town   (20:56) September 09, 2020
A Washington State city makes its own currency from a printing press found in a museum.  Tenino Mayor Wayne Fournier says the town has a history of using wooden money going back to the Great Depression. And now, the currency — which Fournier describes as not quite ILLEGAL — is back to help residents in […]
Are home buyers getting a true deal with record low interest rates?   (27:08) September 02, 2020
*** The Adverse Market Fee discussed in this episode will not take affect until December 1, 2020. *** Interest rates are at record lows.  But with so few homes on the market, many buyers are getting into bidding wars — driving up home prices.  Cari Kimball Meabon, Senior Loan Officer at Guild Mortgage also goes […]
The PPP wants under-served small business owners to apply   (13:58) August 26, 2020
The head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Jovita Carranza, is visiting several states across the country.  She says there’s still $130 Billion available in the Payroll Protection Program. Carranza says President Donald Trump wants small businesses which missed out in the first round of PPP loans to apply, — like minority-owned and sole-proprietors.  Go […]