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2022-07-03 Religion Today – God’s Foreknowledge, How Christianity Influenced or Caused Freedom, and Independence Day   (20:00) July 02, 2022
Jesus said “Know the truth and the truth will make you free.” Jesus taught humans have freedom or free agency, or free will.  Yet Christians typically believe God knows the future in every detail.  How is this possible?  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explores the three explanations:  (1) John Calvin said […]
2022-06-26 Religion Today – Polycarp – Early Christian Bishop and Martyr – and 2022 IANDS Conference in Utah over Labor Day Weekend   (20:00) June 26, 2022
Many have not heard of Polycarp, who was born in 70 AD and was taught Christianity by the Apostle John.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner gives a brief sketch of Polycarp’s life, that he was Bishop of the Church is Smyrna for decades, where he had a tremendous influence for good […]
2022-06-19 Religion Today – Fathers and Their Divinely Ordained Purpose in Family and Society   (20:00) June 18, 2022
In this Fathers’ Day episode, host Martin Tanner describes the divinely ordained purpose and role of fathers.  Being in a single parent home is the greatest predictor of poverty for a child.  A long neglected area of study is the impact of fathers on children and the family unit.  It is no coincidence that in […]
2022-06-12 Religion Today – Methodological Problems and Inaccuracies of Jon Krakhaur’s Book and the HULU Mini-Series Under the Banner of Heaven   (19:58) June 11, 2022
HULU’s recent mini-series “Under the Banner of Heaven” based on the 2003 Jon Krakauer book with the same title has led to listeners emailing to ask about the accuracy of the book and mini-series.  In this episode host Martin Tanner explains how Krakauer in this and prior books leaves out critical facts, paints heroes as […]
2022-06-05 Religion Today – Information, Statistics and Google Searches About Religion and What They Tell Us   (20:00) June 04, 2022
There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world, of which 7 out of every 8 self-identify as being religious.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner provides statistics and information about the world’s religions and scriptures.  Nearly a third of the world are Christians, 2.38 billion.  Muslims total about 1.8 billion and […]
2022-05-29 Religion Today – Core American Values and How to Keep Them   (20:00) May 29, 2022
What are the core American values that make the United States the place people sneak into, not out of?  Why do some people in the U,S. want to “fundamentally transform” it when it is the greatest country that has ever existed?  In this Memorial Day weekend show, host Martin Tanner talks about the fundamental freedoms […]
2022-05-22 Religion Today – Are Reincarnation and Christianity Compatible   (19:59) May 21, 2022
Are reincarnation and Christianity compatible?  A growing number of Latter-day Saints and other Christians self-identify as Christians and believers in reincarnation.  In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner explains why belief in reincarnation and Christianity are not compatible.  He explains why it is not possible that Jesus taught reincarnation.  He explains how reincarnation […]
2022-05-15 Religion Today – Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls for Latter-day Saints and Other Christians   (19:59) May 14, 2022
The Dead Sea Scrolls are an important find for Jews, Christians and especially Latter-day Saints.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner demonstrates that the Qumran Community called themselves “Latter-day Saints.”  The DSS vindicated Joseph Smith’s claim that ancient records were written on thin metal sheets and stored to come forth in the […]
2022-05-08 Religion Today – Heavenly Mother in Ancient Jewish, Early Christian and Latter-day Saint Beliefs   (19:59) May 07, 2022
Latter-day Saints sometime speak of a “Mother in Heaven”.  But most know little about her.  In honor of Mothers everywhere, on this Mothers’ Day, in this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner gives a thumb-nail sketch of ancient Jewish belief in a Hebrew Goddess, Early Christian belief in a Heavenly Mother and the origins […]
2022-05-01 Religion Today – Remembering Heaven Movie on Experiences with Spirits Waiting to be Born   (19:59) April 29, 2022
Host Martin Tanner interviews the researchers and film makers of the first documentary on experiences, communications and encounters in near-death experiences, visions and dreams, with spirits waiting to be born into life on earth.  Film makers and researchers Sarah and Brent Hinze new documentary describes their 30 years of research in compiling, recording and analyzing […]
2022-04-24 Religion Today – Descriptions of Jesus for Easter Sunday   (20:00) April 23, 2022
Last week was Easter for Protestant ,Catholic and all Western Christian faiths.  But today is Easter Sunday for the Eastern Christian faiths, including the Orthodox Church.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner continues with last weeks Easter theme by providing descriptions of Jesus by those who actually saw him, during his life […]
2022-04-17 Religion Today – Resurrection, What it Means, How it Happens and How Parents Can Raise their Children Who Have Died   (20:00) April 16, 2022
In this Easter Sunday edition of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains what the word “resurrection” means.  He mentions the four Old Testament verses which describe resurrection and a few of the many New Testament scriptures which mention resurrection.  He explains how Mary could mistake newly resurrected Jesus for a gardener, and how the Apostle […]
2022-04-10 Religion Today – The Endowment, its Meaning and Origins, and the Symbolism of the Exterior of the Salt Lake Temple   (20:00) April 08, 2022
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is renovating the Salt Lake Temple which was completed in 1893. Many wonder at the meaning and purpose of its design and the origin of the “Endowment” or primary ritual inside the LDS Temple.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes the origin of […]
2022-04-03 Religion Today – Some Things You Might Want to Know About the King James Bible   (20:00) April 03, 2022
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner discusses details about the King James Bible you ought to know.  For example, it was not a translation from the early Greek manuscripts.  Well over half was taken word-for-word from William Tyndale’s translation.  It was in 1611 easy to read and understand for ordinary people.  Ironically […]
2022-03-27 Religion Today – Music in the Bible, in Judaism, Christianity, and in Heaven   (19:57) March 27, 2022
In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner presents a brief history of music in pre-earth life, in the Bible, in Judaism, in Christianity, in Heaven, and how music in Heaven has been described in Near-death Experiences.  Music has the ability to elevate feelings, mood, happiness and resolve.  By implication, in Genesis and Job, […]
2022-03-20 Religion Today – Importance of Gehenna, Mar Saba, St. Catherine’s Monestery and the Secret Gospel of Mark   (19:59) March 19, 2022
Host Martin Tanner explains “Hell” is a northern-European Norse word for the underworld.  Jesus used the Aramaic word “Gehenna” which is poorly translated as “Hell” in the King James and other Bible versions.  Gehenna is a small gorge at the edge of ancient Jerusalem where garbage was tossed and burned.  When Jesus tells people they […]
2022-03-13 Religion Today – The Existence of God, People, Matter and Energy in Religion and Science   (20:00) March 12, 2022
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes how traditional Christianity believes there was a time in the beginning when God alone existed.  Nothing else, not space, matter, energy or life existed.  God created everything ex nihilo out of nothing.  In LDS theology, not just God, but all matter, energy and life, in the […]
2022-03-06 Religion Today – The Lost Book of the Law and Josiah’s Deuteronomic Reform of Judaism   (19:59) March 06, 2022
In 622 BC King Josiah’s Priest Hilkiah found a scroll, the “Book of the Law” which is thought to be Deuteronomy chapters 12-26 with a few additions.   King Josiah read it and instituted major political and religious reforms, including changes in the Temple and local worship.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner […]
2022-02-27 Religion Today – The Scriptures at the Time of Jesus and the Apostles were Very Different from Our Old Testament   (19:59) February 27, 2022
Jesus’ words in Luke 11:50 imply the last of the “Old Testament” or scriptures in his day was the scroll, now known as the book of 2 Chronicles.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner provides other examples showing the scriptures in Jesus’ day were very different from the Old Testament we have […]
2022-02-20 Religion Today – The Tower of Babel has been Found – Genesis 11 was Based on Historical Events   (19:58) February 20, 2022
The remnants of the Tower of Babel described in Genesis chapter 11 have been found.  In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner explains how many sources outside the Bible confirm The Tower of Babel account was based on Etemenanki, an ancient Babylonian Ziggurat (stepped pyramid) about 298 feet high, located 56 miles south […]