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2021-02-28 Religion Today – Why the Book of Mormon is Not Racist – 9   (19:59) February 28, 2021
The Book of Mormon has been called a racist book due to the reference in 2 Nephi 5:21 to a “skin of blackness[.]”  In this episode of Religion Today Martin Tanner explains why this reference is metaphorical rather than literal, citing 2 Nephi 26:33 which says “black and white, bond and free, male and female […]
2021-02-21 Religion Today – Witnesses Film Director Mark Goodman and Actor Lincoln Hoppe – 8   (19:58) February 21, 2021
The Interpreter Foundation’s new film “Witnesses” premieres this Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at the LDS Film Festival.  This feature length film tells with precise accuracy the stories of the well known formal witnesses of the Book of Mormon plates, the Three Witnesses, and the Eight Witnesses, along with the little known stories the informal witnesses, […]
2021-02-14 Religion Today – Understanding the Difficult Sayings of Jesus, Part 2 – 7   (20:00) February 14, 2021
Understanding the difficult to understand sayings of Jesus, part two.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains the likely meaning of Jesus’ hard sayings, including “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into heaven” why Jesus said his […]
2021-02-07 Religion Today – Understanding the Difficult Sayings of Jesus – 6   (19:55) February 07, 2021
In this episode of Religion Today Martin Tanner explains the most likely meaning of some of the sayings of Jesus that are difficult to understand, such as why he came not for the righteous, but for sinners, how the Law of Moses is fulfilled yet Jesus says not a single jot or tittle (dot of […]
2021-01-31 Religion Today – God’s Power Location and Knowledge, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience – 5   (20:00) January 31, 2021
What is the nature of God’s power, knowledge and location?  Is God Omnipotent, all-powerful?  In the strict sense he is not, because God self-limits his power in that he will not do evil.  Is God Omnipresent?  Many Christians say yes, God is everywhere.  Latter-day Saints say God is a glorified man, located at only one […]
2021-01-24 Religion Today – New Archaeology Shows More of the Bible and Book of Mormon to be Historical – 4   (20:00) January 24, 2021
Host Martin Tanner relates how a satellite helped archaeologists find Gath, the Biblical city where Goliath lived, how DNA solved the puzzle of where the Philistines came from (Europe), how the burial stone box of a crucified man shows feet of those crucified were nailed to the cross from the side, just below the ankles, […]
2021-01-17 Religion Today – Four New Testament Verses Showing the Need for a Restoration – 3   (19:59) January 17, 2021
Four New Testament versus (among many others) demonstrate an apostasy and restoration were foretold by all the Old Testament prophets and also in the New Testament.  Acts 3:21 says Jesus the Messiah will not return before a “restoration of all things” or a “universal restoration.”  2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 says the Second Coming will not happen […]
2021-01-10 Religion Today – The Torah and LDS Book of Moses – 2   (20:00) January 10, 2021
The word “Torah” does not mean “law” it means “teaching” or “instruction.”  Thus Christians should not talk of the “law and the prophets” but of God’s “teaching and the prophets.”  Torah often refers to the first five books of the Bible.  Scholars question whether Moses had any input into them.  Conservative Jews and Christians believe […]
2021-01-03 Religion Today – The Meaning and Explanations of the Miracles of Jesus – 1   (20:00) January 02, 2021
Martin Tanner briefly describes the 39 miracles of Jesus in the New Testament.  A dozen or so others are found in extra-Biblical books of the first three centuries.  Martin Tanner asks, “What is a miracle?” and “Can something that can be explained still be a miracle?”  He suggests the miracles of Jesus helped those around […]
2020-12-27 Religion Today – The Second Coming and Why We Should Not Fear the Future   (20:00) December 27, 2020
Martin Tanner explains why the future is bright, even though many fear for the future of the United States and the world because of Covid-19, government debt, socialism and communism, the rise of China, taxes and regulations and the loss of freedom.  We should not fear because according to prophecy, the United States will not […]
2020-12-20 Religion Today – The Birth of Jesus from the New Testament – Good News Translation   (19:59) December 19, 2020
Religion Today Show host Martin Tanner tells the traditional Christmas Story, in modern English, from the Good News Translation of the New Testament, with side-bar explanations of certain passages.  Email Martin Tanner for a free, no strings attached, transcript of the Christmas Story.
2020-12-13 Religion Today – What Did Jesus Look Like During His Ministry On Earth   (19:59) December 12, 2020
Today’s popular artwork depicting Jesus is typically from the Byzantine or Renaissance showing him with handsome, idealized features, long hair past his shoulders, a beard and moustache, and a white, blue or red robe, to his wrists and ankles.  We know Jesus dressed as did other Jewish men, otherwise when Judas betrayed him, a hug […]
2020-12-06 Religion Today – What Was the Star of Bethlehem and Who Were the Wise Men   (19:59) December 06, 2020
The only natural phenomenon that fits the description of the Star of Bethlehem in Matthew is a comet.  Comets travel in elliptical paths and move fast enough that they often appear to change direction.  The Star of Bethlehem was visible for about two months.  The Wise Men followed it from East to West, from Babylon […]
2020-11-29 Religion Today – The Power of Your Words on Others   (20:00) November 29, 2020
Our words can elevate and encourage others, or discourage, even crush them.  Our words have power, far beyond what we usually realize.  Pivotal points in your life likely were due to the words of love and encouragement or harsh criticisms of others.  Citing scriptures and examples, Martin Tanner encourages us to use our words for […]
2020-11-22 Religion Today – Answers to Listener’s Questions about the Book of Abraham, LGBTQI, Book of Mormon Archaeology, temples and Near-death Experiences   (19:58) November 20, 2020
Martin Tanner answers listener questions on why the Book of Abraham has not been disproven by Egyptologists, how archaeology supports the Book of Mormon like it supports the Bible, evidence for something like the Temple Endowment during Jesus’ lifetime, how near-death experiences support Joseph Smith’s account of The First Vision, and other questions.
2020-11-15 Religion Today – The future of the United States, the Constitution and the LDS Church   (20:00) November 15, 2020
Martin Tanner provides scriptures, prophetic statements and other information about the future of the United States, the U.S. Constitution, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Time may be difficult, but the future looks bright if we will read the Constitution, understand it, teach it, and seek freedom rather than security.
2020-10-18 Religion Today – Revelation – What is It and How to Get It   (20:00) October 18, 2020
What is Revelation?  How does one get Revelation?  How do you know if you have received Revelation?  How do you know your prayers are being answered?  The short answer is this:  If you have prepared, studied, done what you can, but still lack knowledge, wisdom or ability, prayer is how to get help from God.  […]
2020-10-11 Religion Today – An Account of the Lost 116 Pages of The Book of Mormon   (19:59) October 11, 2020
An account of how the first 116 pages of The Book of Mormon manuscript were lost.  When lost, Joseph Smith finished the translation, through the end of the Book of Moroni.  Only then did he re-translate the same events that had been lost, originally translated from the Book of Lehi, replaced with an account on […]
2020-10-04 Religion Today – God and Jesus Say We May Become Like Them   (20:00) October 04, 2020
General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are wise, good, kind and loving.  They desire that everyone reach the full measure of their creation or abilities, which is to become like our Savior Jesus, and our Father in Heaven.  Joseph Smith expressed the same idea in his last Conference address, on […]
David Herard’s Near-death Experience in Vietnam   (20:00) September 27, 2020
Martin Tanner describes the Near-death Experience of his friend David Herard who passed away a few months ago.  David was severely wounded in Vietnam.  He went from agnostic or perhaps atheist, to believer in God and a Christian.  David was horribly wounded when a Viet-Kong rocket landed about 20 feet behind him.  David briefly visited […]