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This is not your mother's podcast. Lindsay Aerts looks at the topics and issues that moms care about. Babies, health care, mental health, family and everything in between.
Climbing out of the darkness of postpartum mood disorders   (45:11) June 19, 2022
Postpartum mood and anxiety disorders can be scary and confusing. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with two women who’ve experienced, and worked with women who have experienced postpartum depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. They discuss how to know if you have one, how to get help, and an amazing event coming up to raise awareness. […]
How to get more girls in STEM careers. why seeing women on the GOP Senate debate stage matters   (36:08) June 03, 2022
The Utah Women and Leadership Project is out with some new research showing Utah isn’t quite up to speed for women working STEM careers. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with the UWLP founder, Dr. Susan Madsen, and Emily Bell McCormick of The Policy Project about why getting young […]
Healing from collective trauma and postpartum mood disorders   (37:15) May 27, 2022
Following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, host Lindsay Aerts talks about how that event is a collective trauma for everyone. She’s joined by Ashley from Reach Counseling and Kelly from the group Moms Club of Sandy. They not only discuss the tragic events, and coping skills, they also discuss what mothers experiencing postpartum mood disorders […]
Everything to know about the formula shortage in Utah   (31:00) May 22, 2022
By now, you’ve probably heard multiple stories about the nation wide formula shortage. This week, doctors with the University of Utah held a press event giving updates on the status of the shortage in Utah. They discussed how Utah is mostly seeing this shortage affect specialty formulas, why you shouldn’t dilute or make your own […]
When you don’t love Mother’s Day   (37:21) May 13, 2022
Mother’s Day can be glorious for some, and hard for others. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Dr. Susan Madsen of the Utah Women and Leadership Project and Emily Bell McCormick of The Policy Project about why they don’t love the day. They also discuss Dr. Madsen’s recent research about Utah’s Pacific Islander and Asian women.  
How to protect your WiFi baby monitor from being hacked   (38:12) April 22, 2022
A local social media influencer and blogger recently shared about how her son’s baby monitor had been hacked. The Utah mother shared how she caught a creepy man’s distorted voice coming through her 3 year-old’s camera. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with online safety expert from SafeWise Rebecca Edwards about how to make sure your baby […]
When Utah’s women are stereotyped and how to handle it   (21:42) March 11, 2022
New Utah research shows women in the state still receive sexist comments. Most often those comments are in the form of stereotypes or the de-valuing of women. Host Lindsay Aerts shares examples of when this happens, and what to do about it, with Dr. Susan Madsen of the Utah Women and Leadership Project and Emily […]
Childcare and period products legislation   (16:23) March 11, 2022
Utah’s legislature recently passed a childcare amendments bill that creates grants using COVID-19 funds for child care centers that enter into contracts with employers to provide child care for their employees. Additionally, it changes the number of children licensed and unlicensed providers may care for, among other changes. Utah also passed a bill providing funds […]
How many single mothers in Utah are living in poverty   (07:06) February 11, 2022
Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Dr. Susan Madsen of the Utah Women and Leadership Project about research that shows just how many moms in Utah are single, and living in poverty. Emily Bell McCormick of The Policy Project also shares her perspectives on how we can help mothers living in poverty. 
Every girl in Utah schools will have access to period products next school year   (11:38) February 11, 2022
Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Emily Bell McCormick of The Period Project about how her bill to put mensuration products in ever Utah school in Utah. It’s received a lot of support on Utah’s Capitol Hill. Dr. Susan Madsen of the Utah Women and Leadership Project also shares her thoughts on how girls in Utah […]
If you’re a mom wanting to get into Utah politics   (16:59) February 11, 2022
Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Dr. Susan Madsen of the Utah Women and Leadership Project and Emily Bell McCormick of The Policy Project about how many women are in Utah politics, and how Utah compares to the rest of the nation. They also discuss reasons why not as many women in Utah run for office. 
How to create mom-friendly company policies   (36:24) January 23, 2022
Every business is going to have company policies specific to their industry needs, however Host Lindsay Aerts discusses how they may be able to make it easier on moms and families to balance career and home life.  She talks with Holland&Hart’s Utah-based law associate, Karina Sargsian, who is a young mother of three. They discuss […]
The state of childcare in Utah   (35:55) January 09, 2022
According to the Utah Women and Leadership Project, 54% of Utah families need childcare in Utah. And that was before the pandemic hit. But is there enough being done by state lawmakers to help families get access to it? Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Erin Jemison, a public policy consultant and Marin Christensen, Associate Director […]
Why Utah consistantly ranks worst in the nation for women’s equality   (37:40) December 12, 2021
Every year Wallet Hub ranks the state’s for how they do in Women’s Equality. For four years in a row, Utah has ranked last. Host Lindasy Aerts dives into research from the Utah Women’s and Leadership Project, dissecting why.
When your motherhood journey includes a stay at Primary Children’s Hospital   (31:50) December 10, 2021
This week was the KSL Newsradio Give-a-thon, raising money for Primary Children’s Hospital. Join Host Lindsay Aerts as she talks with a mom who’s baby has had a plethora of time spent there, how she copes, and how the hospital has helped make her journey much less traumatic
When motherhood and working for pay are both full time jobs   (35:53) November 06, 2021
We all know that women who stay home, work. And women who work outside the home also have 40 hours they put into their paying jobs. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Owner and founder of Osmond Designs, Interior Designs and Furniture stores Heather Osmond about some of her experiences with four kids as she built […]
Should mensuration products be in every Utah public school?   (35:03) October 17, 2021
In this week’s episode of the State of Women in Utah, we discuss a push to put period products, like pads and tampons, in every Utah public school. Emily Bell McCormick, with The Policy Project and Dr. Susan Madsen of the Utah Women and Leadership project join host Lindsay Aerts to talk about Emily’s efforts […]
Swig founder reveals 2nd breast cancer scare, launches SAVE THE CUPS campaign   (20:48) October 08, 2021
Swig is a locally founded soda shop that is quite popular in Utah. Its founder, Nicole Tanner was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago and had her medical bills paid. Now, she wants to do the same for other women going through it.  Nicole advocates for early detection, something she attributes to saving her […]
How moms can change gender messaging for daughters   (36:12) September 19, 2021
In this monthly State of Women in Utah series, host Lindsay Aerts talks with Dr. Susan Madsen of the Utah Women and Leadership Project and Emily Bell McCormick of The Policy Project about issues that impact Utah’s women. This week they discuss how mothers play a vital role in gender messaging for their daughters. They […]
What it’s like to have an illness triggered by pregnancy   (38:53) September 10, 2021
Pregnancy can be very hard on your body but Kelli Pierce was diagnosed with a rare illness triggered by her pregnancy. Kelli is the producer for Inside Sources with Boyd Matheson, and former reporter for KSL. She now has an 8 month old baby boy. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Kelli about she felt faint […]