We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a podcast created by a veteran, for veterans and it explores the complexities of what military service means through the stories of veterans, their families and their friends. The stories span all types of experience, from the monotony of training to the long-term impact of combat to the difficulty in adjusting to civilian life, as well as the challenges families face when one member volunteers to serve in the armed forces. The podcast is hosted by Air Force and Army National Guard veteran Jason Comstock. He offers veterans the chance to tell their stories in hopes of creating an understanding of just how complex and nuanced the issues facing veterans, especially in this modern era, are. With less than 3 percent of the population serving in the military today, it is critical that civilians understand what it means to "thank" a veteran for his or her service. The Loudmouth project is proud to offer veterans and their families this opportunity to tell their stories and help create a new, more effective system of support.
Veterans Day Special: The Oath   (12:39) November 11, 2020
The Oath of Enlistment is something all branches of the military have in common. In this special Veterans Day episode, we invited service members and their families to share their thoughts on what the oath means in their lives. Those who share their feelings are:Tracy Brinkman, Carl Churchill, Lloyd Hicken, Thea Jorgensen, David Buffaloe, Sofia […]
Lessons Learned Serving during peace time   (22:14) October 22, 2020
David Hollingsworth joined the U.S. Army to get away from a broken heart. But in 1982, there wasn’t much “going on” in the military. Still, it was serving in a time of peace that he learned life lessons that still resonate in his life. One of the things he learned as an MP is that […]
When you’ve served, you can judge   (31:21) September 30, 2020
When Tracy Brinkmann joined the US Army he knew he was carrying on a legacy that started with his grandfather serving in the German Army during WWII. In spite of learning at a young age of the traumatic experiences that both his grandfather and father had, he still wanted to serve and follow their example.
Soldier and Business Owner   (28:13) September 24, 2020
Thea Jorgensen was a little older than her fellow soldiers in Basic Training, being almost 10 years older than most recruits, and because of that, she felt she had a lot to prove. That desire to outwork those around her has persisted. Serving in the Public Relation field has given her the chance to meet […]
Leadership and Non-conformity   (31:46) September 16, 2020
Retired Chief Master Sergeant Jody Hanks always saw himself as a non-conformist, but that didn’t stop him from joining the AirForce and making a career out of it. Over the years he learned that real leadership takes leaders that are willing to say what some might not have the courage to say and listening to […]
Memories of 9/11   (19:46) September 11, 2020
On September 11, 2001 terrorists hijacked four U.S. passenger planes, flying two of them into the World Trade Towers in Manhattan and another into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The fourth plane crashed in rural Pennsylvania, when passengers overpowered the hijackers, ensuring it didn’t make it to its intended target. Nearly 3,000 people lost their […]
Sofia Olds: Staff Sergeant and Mom   (34:44) September 10, 2020
To look at Sofia Olds you wouldn’t think she was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army Reserves or the mother of seven beautiful children. But it wouldn’t be the first time she shattered preconceived notions about who she is or what she is capable of accomplishing. She’s spent her life surpassing expectations. In this […]
Veterans Issues in a Pandemic   (36:59) September 10, 2020
Isolation is an issue I have experienced first-hand as a veteran who lives with depression and PTSD, as a result of military service. I’ve battled that by creating connections through service organizations that help veterans reconnect to their purpose and community. Now all of us find ourselves in a situation where we are isolated. So how […]
Twice a veteran – from enlisted to officer   (32:36) December 11, 2019
David Moss started his military career in the Idaho Army National Guard and wanted to serve until he could retire. Always outspoken, Dave had a run in a 1st Sergeant and ended his career after 10 years of service. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Dave wanted to serve in the military again, […]
Telling Veterans Stories: Filmmaker Zane O’Gwin   (35:44) December 03, 2019
When an opportunity to capture a historical parachute jump into Normandy on the 75th anniversary, Utah filmmaker Zane O’Gwin knew he wanted to be part of it. He quickly learned there was more to the story than the decision of a group of veterans to try and honor World War II veterans who parachuted into […]
From a dairy farm to caring for animals in the U.S. Army   (31:18) November 25, 2019
Growing up Casey Talbot always thought he’d be an Idaho dairy farmer, even though he also dreamed about serving his country as a soldier. After going to school to study veterinary medicine he got a job in Fairgrove, Missouri, where a colleague was preparing to leave on an Army deployment. Shortly after that, circumstances in […]
A Marine’s Wife   (32:00) November 18, 2019
As a newlywed in 1968, the last thing Jean Donaldson expected was for her husband of five months to come home from a trip to Salt Lake City with news that he was leaving college to join the U.S. Marine Corps. She was five months pregnant with their first child (who happens to be Loudmouth’s […]
What does the Oath of Enlistment mean?   (16:25) November 11, 2019
The Oath of Enlistment is something all branches of the military have in common. In this special Veterans Day episode, we invited service members and their families to share their thoughts on what the oath means in their lives. Those who share their feelings are: Keimon Dixson, Krista Palmer, Josh Hanson, Marcy Henly, Ninzel Rassmuson, […]
Finding family in ‘the suck’   (37:11) November 05, 2019
Sgt. Mike Hendry joined the U.S. Army after deciding college wasn’t the path for him. He gravitated to the grittiest assignments and found purpose alongside his brothers in the 82nd Airborne and 10th Mountain Division (light infantry) for “six years and 16 weeks to the day.” He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan in two […]
A mother’s sacrifice   (49:22) August 27, 2019
Teota Coppock shares the story of her son Army Sgt. Brandon Parr in this conversation with Jason Comstock and Amy Donaldson. Like many Americans Ain the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, Brandon Parr felt like he had to serve his country in the only way he knew how. While his mother was worried, she […]
A lifetime commitment   (43:00) August 19, 2019
Ninzel Rasmuson’s desire to serve her brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces didn’t end when her service in the Air National Guard ended. In this episode, she talks about the impacts of working as a mishap investigator, having sons that serve in the U.S. Marine Corps, and starting a nonprofit (Honor365) that helps veterans […]
The Family Service Creates   (28:24) August 15, 2019
Homeless and broke, Marcy Hehnly decided to meet with an Army recruiter when she was 20-years old. Four years earlier, she’d lost her mother to cancer, which led to struggles with her father as they both tried to rebuild their lives. It was a decision that not only changed her life, but it showed her […]
The Ghost Army Secret   (51:45) August 05, 2019
On this episode of We Happy Few Amy Donaldson and Jason Comstock visit with WWII veteran SSgt Stanley Nance and his great granddaughter Madeline about his service and the secret she recently learned. SSgt Nance served in a unit during the war the German High Command dubbed the Ghost Army. His war experience was classified […]
Serving an Adopted Homeland   (41:47) July 30, 2019
In this episode, Jason Comstock talks with Daniel and Angie Bucio about his service in the U.S. Navy Reserves. Dan immigrated to the United States from Mexico after his family learned that his grandfather was a U.S. citizen and had served in World War II. Like many Americans, Dan felt a desire to serve his […]
Too Small to be a Marine   (27:05) July 22, 2019
In this episode, Amy Donaldson talks Kelli Pacheco about joining the U.S. Marine Corps, being in the second groups of women to participate in the Crucible – a test recruits must endure after they join. Although she wanted to fly, she ended up going into a computer field. Kelli struggled when she had a child, […]