Celebrating the Spectrum

On "Celebrating the Spectrum," KSL's Debbie Worthen delights in the joy and happiness her son, a child with autism, has brought into her world. Each week Debbie consults the experts and connects with others who are also learning to navigate life with a child who has special needs. This is a place where we find hope, look for solutions and connect with those working to create a better world of inclusion.
I’m Just Living in the Moment!   (47:37) December 19, 2022
Today we talk to Liv Gilbert, Debbie’s oldest daughter about what it’s like when a sibling gets an autism diagnosis. She recalls her emotions at the time and how she feels about her brother.
Some of Favorite Moments So Far   (42:02) December 12, 2022
This week we will revisit some of our favorite interviews. Don’t get us wrong, we have loved all our guests and we will likely do this more often because it was so much fun going back to some of our first interviews.
Gio’s Garden Celebrates Ten Years   (41:40) December 05, 2022
Charlotte Deleste is a journalist in Wisconsin. Her son, Giovanni, was born with a rare genetic condition that caused him to have up to 80 seizures a day. Despite his disabilities, Gio was declared “not disabled enough” to get home nursing care. She couldn’t believe it. Instead of accepting a system that felt broken, she […]
Develop Abilities   (32:11) November 28, 2022
The Utah Developmental Disabilities Council is entirely dedicated to improving the lives of Utah citizens with autism and other developmental disabilities. Erik Stoker is their Information Specialist and talks about the resources available and how he got involved. “I believe it’s important for a self-advocate to control what they want to see happen in their […]
An Introduction to the IEP with The Utah Parent Center   (50:31) November 14, 2022
The Utah Parent Center’s mission is to help parents help their children, youth and young adults with all disabilities to live included, productive lives as members of the community. They strive to accomplish that by providing accurate information, empathetic peer support, valuable training and effective advocacy based on the concept of parents helping parents. In […]
Questions you should ask while looking at an autism school and therapy center.   (36:17) November 07, 2022
A valuable conversation today with Lacey Anderson who founded an autism school and therapy center. The questions you should ask and the things you should look at to determine what place is right for your autistic child. She shares how she fell in love with autistic children. She also addresses the controversy surrounding ABA therapy. […]
Utah Artist Heather Olsen’s Connection to Autism   (34:46) October 30, 2022
Utah artist Heather Olsen was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. When Heather was 14, her nephew was diagnosed with Autism. Heather studied classical realism at the Bridge Academy of Art and the Hein Academy of Art for three years before completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Utah. […]
Jessie Hewitson, Author of: Autism; How to raise a happy autistic child   (44:28) October 24, 2022
Jessie Hewitson is an award-winning journalist in the UK. In this book, she combines her own experiences with tips from autistic adults, other parents, as well as advice from autism professionals and academics. She is a mother of two; her 12-year-old son is autistic. “I realized, when I was writing this book that I wasn’t […]
The Sex Therapist is Autistic   (41:17) October 17, 2022
“We all could use a little more kindness and understanding and neuro inclusion.” Candice Christiansen is best known as a licensed clinician. Candice’s expertise is providing neuro-inclusive counseling and coaching to neurodifferent individuals and mixed neurotype couples healing from a trauma and a variety of relationship, sex, and intimacy issues. She’s also a late-diagnosed autistic […]
Unique Products by Neurodiverse Artists   (27:05) October 10, 2022
A raw, candid conversation Lincoln Bentley’s mom, Marisa. Marisa is a hands-on mom who would not accept the sobering statistics of autistic adults’ lack of employment. She got creative with her son’s creativity and came up with www.Linc-d.com – an online marketplace featuring independently owned and operated shops. The shop now has dozens of neurodiverse artists who […]
Brigham Young University study shows children with autism benefit when parents are trained to provide at-home interventions   (41:17) October 03, 2022
In this week’s episode, we get to hear all about a comprehensive study completed by BYU researchers. Dr. Timothy B. Smith and Dr. Tina M. Taylor have spent decades in their respective fields. Their latest research with Linda Cheng gives an optimistic look at the future for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and their families. […]
I Thought I Was a Vampire   (42:15) September 26, 2022
A discussion with Sarah Aida Heuser who when she was 18 years old found out she was on the autism spectrum. She tells how emotional it was to hear, and how it helped make sense of her life up to that point. Since that time, she has thrown herself into studying autism and is finishing […]
Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism   (50:49) September 19, 2022
We have the amazing opportunity to talk to Dr. Barry M. Prizant the author of Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism. He has studied autism for 50 years. He has a love for people with autism and their families. He shares what he has learned, how things have changed over the last five […]
Not a Broken vs. Normal   (34:00) September 12, 2022
The language surrounding autism can be intimidating. As someone who knows and loves many people on the autism spectrum, FM100.3 Kari Bushman explains why the words matter when it comes to describing the people we love. She also helped create  “AutCon: An unconventional convention designed for adults on the autism spectrum.”
The Alternative Field of Dreams   (29:43) September 05, 2022
Diagnosed with autism at four years old, Taylor Duncan was often excluded from playing the game he loved. Baseball. So, as an adult on the spectrum, he hopes no one else with any disability must sit the game out. He has successfully created Alternative Baseball, a traditional baseball setting free of judgment. He focuses on […]
An Island in Alaska   (39:56) August 29, 2022
Jared Stewart describes himself as an “ambassador for autism”. After college, he started a job at an adult autism treatment center and quickly realized he was on the spectrum. Jared was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s a short time later. In this engaging conversation, Jared talks about the two cliffs parents of children with autism face; […]
The Recovering “Pretend Post” Addict   (38:17) August 22, 2022
Stephanie Hanrahan, creator of Instagram account Tinklesherpants and creator of Podcast: Labeled and Loved gives us a raw look at her life with a husband who needs a heart transplant and two adorable autistic children. Stephanie shares the moment she decided to use social media as a journal and how that has changed her life, […]
Love on the Spectrum   (33:50) August 15, 2022
Jennifer Cook found out she was Autistic well into her adult life. In this episode, she tells Debbie what it was like growing up feeling different and how she’s used her skills to help others. She’s a best-selling author but you’ve likely seen her on Netflix Original: Love on the Spectrum U.S.
Spreading Hope and Autism Awareness in Pakistan   (36:08) August 15, 2022
Danish Mamtaz, also known as autism dad on social media, is a commercials director, life coach and father to Sulayman, his oldest son who is autistic. He shares his methods on raising a happy, healthy son. 
A Whole New World   (39:35) August 09, 2022
In the opening episode of Celebrating the Spectrum, Debbie Worthen and her husband, Brandon tell us about the day their son, Asher was diagnosed with Autism. They discuss the feelings and thoughts they had entering a world they knew nothing about.