For The Love Of Salt Lake Radio News

'For the Love of Salt Lake Radio News' is the untold story of what has shaped radio news in the Salt Lake Valley over the past three decades. Hear first-hand what the thriving business sounded like at its pinnacle and how it was shaped by federal deregulation. Host Maria Shilaos shares the personal stories of local broadcasters who lived through the highs and lows of radio's finest era.
Pt. 8: Local Radio Plays a Critical Role in Urgent Situations   (08:15) September 03, 2018
Radio has been shown to play a critical role in disseminating information in the event of emergencies such as natural disasters or severe weather events. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos shows how us how the health of radio in the future depends on a commitment to local programming.
Pt. 7: Local News Depends on Local Owners for Survival   (10:46) September 02, 2018
Local ownership that is invested in the community is what sets apart the two remaining radio stations with a strong news presence in the Salt Lake market. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos highlights what makes each station unique.
Pt. 6: Big Media Companies Buyout Local Owners   (08:27) September 02, 2018
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 resulted in significant ownership changes for Salt Lake radio stations. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos tells us by the end of 1999, four companies controlled 40 percent of the market’s radio stations.
Pt.5: The Consolidation of Radio & TV News Staffs   (10:38) September 02, 2018
In the early 1990s, radio and TV stations in the Salt Lake valley began to consolidate their news staffs resulting in more industry layoffs. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos tells us reporters were expected to meet the demands of both radio and television.
Pt. 4: The Darkest Days in Salt Lake Radio News   (09:45) September 02, 2018
Dramatic changes in Salt Lake news coverage came within month’s of the FCC’s decision to eliminate the Fairness Doctrine. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos reports on the layoffs that occurred in local news departments.
Pt. 3: A Shift in FCC Philosophy   (10:58) September 02, 2018
In 1981, the nation’s 40th President gave birth to federal deregulation in the media industry. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos describes how that change in policy began to result in changes in local news coverage. 
Radio News’ Hey Day   (08:21) September 02, 2018
An exciting level of competition existed in radio news in the late 70s between the four full-service news shops. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos tells us how music stations also felt it was important to deliver news to their listeners. KSL also made history when it became the first radio station to broadcast a locally produced […]
Salt Lake Radio’s Rich History   (12:11) September 02, 2018
Hear how radio played an important role in the lives of Salt Lake residents in the 70s and early 80s. KSL Newsradio’s Maria Shilaos tells us it was an exciting time in broadcasting because everything was live and local.