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2022-10-02 Religion Today – Jesus Teachings and Actions About Love Being the Greatest Virtue   (19:59) October 01, 2022
Jesus taught the greatest virtue is love.  Specifically, he said love  God, and love others.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner suggests the greatest virtue or good is love.  We learn this from Jesus, from the Old Testament, from near-death experiences and from personal experiences with family and friends.  Although “love” is […]
2022-09-25 Religion Today – 53 People Mentioned in the Old Testament Confirmed to be Real People by Archaeology   (19:58) September 25, 2022
Are the Old Testament stories real?  Most religious people say they are, except perhaps the early parts of Genesis.  Was there a “King David” who killed Goliath?  Could someone as tall as Goliath have lived?  There are skeptics, but Robert Wadlow, a resident of Illinois, who died at age 22 while he was still growing, […]
2022-09-18 Religion Today – Tips for Understanding Isaiah   (19:59) September 17, 2022
Many Latter-day Saints are studying Isaiah now.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner gives some tips for how to understand Isaiah.  These include: (1) finding an 8th century BC map of Jerusalem. Realizing that Jerusalem in Isaiah’s time had a population of 1,500 to 2,750.  In comparison the LDS Conference center with […]
2022-09-11 Religion Today – The LDS Temple Endowment Was Not Taken From Masonry or any other Secret Society   (20:00) September 11, 2022
Due to a new book on the subject, there has been a flurry of discussion on the Internet, pro and con, on whether Joseph Smith borrowed or stole Masonic oaths, tokens, signs and penalties, words and phrases, and used them in the LDS Temple Endowment.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains […]
2022-09-04 Religion Today – Vinney Tolman and Lynn Taylor   (20:00) September 04, 2022
Vincent Tolman, a Utah County resident had a fascinating near-death experience.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner interviews Vinney Tolman about his fascinating experience.
2022-08-28 Religion Today – Jesus Earthly Appearance, Vocation and Family Make Up   (20:01) August 27, 2022
Most depictions of Jesus appearance, his vocation and family life are inaccurate.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains that Jesus was clean shaven with short hair.  His robe was tan or wheat colored, made of undyed linen, to his knees and elbows, not to his ankles or wrists.  Jesus job was […]
2022-08-21 Religion Today – Pre-Existence of Human Spirits in the Bible, Greek Philosophy, Early Christianity and LDS Thought   (20:00) August 21, 2022
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes how Catholicism, the Eastern Orthodox faith, and most of Protestant Christianity do not believe in the pre-existence of souls, spirits or intelligences.  Latter-day Saints are the current exception.  There are many however, many Bible verses, in the Old and New Testaments, which clearly state or […]
2022-08-14 Religion Today – Archaeological Discoveries Which are Evidence the Bible is Genuine History   (20:00) August 14, 2022
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes archaeological discoveries which are strong evidence the Bible is genuine history, not just myth. Included are the significance of the Rosetta Stone, Dead Sea Scrolls, Tel Dan Inscription (9th century BC reference to “House of David”), Ketef Hinnom scrolls (7th century BC text of Numbers […]
2022-08-07 Religion Today – Scott Drummond and International Near-death Experiences Conference in Utah   (19:59) August 07, 2022
Martin Tanner’s guest Scott Drummond shares a little of his near-death experience which has had over 19 millions views on YouTube.  Scott Drummond Martin discuss the near-death experiences conference sponsored by IANDS coming to Salt Lake City September 1-4, 2022.  A 60% discount is available to listeners, students, listeners and anyone who uses this code:  STUDENT288  when […]
2022-07-31 Religion Today – Joseph Smith’s Appearance, Height, Weight, Hair and Eye Color, His Personality and the Only Known Photograph of Him   (19:59) July 30, 2022
Several daguerreotype photographs, one newly discovered this year, are purportedly of Joseph Smith.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains why most of them are not of Joseph Smith.  Martin also provides details about Joseph Smith’s personality, hair color, eye color, height, weight and so forth, from reliable sources, people who actually […]
2022-07-24 Religion Today – The Rest of the Story – Little Known Details of Church History in Honor of Pioneer Day   (20:00) July 23, 2022
In honor of the 1847 and later Pioneers, in this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner provides “the rest of the story”, little known details of LDS Church history, including the likely date of Joseph Smith’s “First Vision”, what happened to the original Nauvoo Temple, how Wilford Wood acquired for the LDS Church, the […]
2022-07-17 Religion Today – The Relief Society of Nauvoo and Its Influence on Women’s Right to Vote in the U.S. and Worldwide   (20:00) July 16, 2022
In the Spring of 1842 Sarah Kimball and Margaret Cook decided to create a women’s benevolent society to sew new and repair damaged clothing worn by workers building the Nauvoo Temple.  They asked Eliza Snow to write articles and bylaws.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner describes how the Relief Society was […]
2022-07-10 Religion Today – Responses to Criticisms of the LDS Faith by Eric Johnson   (20:00) July 09, 2022
If you are a Latter-day Saint, you have or will be subjected at work on the Internet or somewhere else to criticisms of your Church.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner responds to a few of the many self-contradictory, un-Biblical criticisms of the LDS Church made by Eric Johnson who has devoted […]
2022-07-03 Religion Today – God’s Foreknowledge, How Christianity Influenced or Caused Freedom, and Independence Day   (20:00) July 02, 2022
Jesus said “Know the truth and the truth will make you free.” Jesus taught humans have freedom or free agency, or free will.  Yet Christians typically believe God knows the future in every detail.  How is this possible?  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explores the three explanations:  (1) John Calvin said […]
2022-06-26 Religion Today – Polycarp – Early Christian Bishop and Martyr – and 2022 IANDS Conference in Utah over Labor Day Weekend   (20:00) June 26, 2022
Many have not heard of Polycarp, who was born in 70 AD and was taught Christianity by the Apostle John.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner gives a brief sketch of Polycarp’s life, that he was Bishop of the Church is Smyrna for decades, where he had a tremendous influence for good […]
2022-06-19 Religion Today – Fathers and Their Divinely Ordained Purpose in Family and Society   (20:00) June 18, 2022
In this Fathers’ Day episode, host Martin Tanner describes the divinely ordained purpose and role of fathers.  Being in a single parent home is the greatest predictor of poverty for a child.  A long neglected area of study is the impact of fathers on children and the family unit.  It is no coincidence that in […]
2022-06-12 Religion Today – Methodological Problems and Inaccuracies of Jon Krakhaur’s Book and the HULU Mini-Series Under the Banner of Heaven   (19:58) June 11, 2022
HULU’s recent mini-series “Under the Banner of Heaven” based on the 2003 Jon Krakauer book with the same title has led to listeners emailing to ask about the accuracy of the book and mini-series.  In this episode host Martin Tanner explains how Krakauer in this and prior books leaves out critical facts, paints heroes as […]
2022-06-05 Religion Today – Information, Statistics and Google Searches About Religion and What They Tell Us   (20:00) June 04, 2022
There are approximately 7.8 billion people in the world, of which 7 out of every 8 self-identify as being religious.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner provides statistics and information about the world’s religions and scriptures.  Nearly a third of the world are Christians, 2.38 billion.  Muslims total about 1.8 billion and […]
2022-05-29 Religion Today – Core American Values and How to Keep Them   (20:00) May 29, 2022
What are the core American values that make the United States the place people sneak into, not out of?  Why do some people in the U,S. want to “fundamentally transform” it when it is the greatest country that has ever existed?  In this Memorial Day weekend show, host Martin Tanner talks about the fundamental freedoms […]
2022-05-22 Religion Today – Are Reincarnation and Christianity Compatible   (19:59) May 21, 2022
Are reincarnation and Christianity compatible?  A growing number of Latter-day Saints and other Christians self-identify as Christians and believers in reincarnation.  In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner explains why belief in reincarnation and Christianity are not compatible.  He explains why it is not possible that Jesus taught reincarnation.  He explains how reincarnation […]