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This is not your mother's podcast. Lindsay Aerts looks at the topics and issues that moms care about. Babies, health care, mental health, family and everything in between.
Women in Power Spotlight: Partner at a law firm   (16:14) April 17, 2021
This is the first episode in our Women in Power spotlight series, where Host Lindsay Aerts interviews a powerful woman in a largely male-dominated industry. She talks with Ashley Peck, who is a partner at Holland & Hart LLP. Since 2013 Asley has served on the board of Women Lawyers of Utah (WLU), including serving […]
The preparations every new mother should make   (16:42) April 17, 2021
Becoming a mother is a huge transition, and if you’re not prepared it can blindside you with how much work it is. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Natalie Andrews who is a reporter for the Wall Street Jornal covering the U.S. Congress, but also happens to be Lindsay’s friend from their days together attending college […]
Healing from a postpartum mood disorder tragedy: The Emily Effect   (34:17) March 30, 2021
Utah mom, Emily Cook Dyches was killed on I-15 in Utah county in an auto-pedestrian accident five years ago. She experienced a panic attack after having severe postpartum anxiety. Since then, her sister Megan Johnson started The Emily Effect, a non-profit to help raise awareness around maternal mental health and resources for getting help. Megan […]
Why we should stop calling ourselves working moms: The State of Women in Utah   (33:19) March 27, 2021
The term “working mom” may seem well meaning and harmless to describe a woman who works for pay outside the home, however this term is one that host Lindsay Aerts would like to do away with. She describes how there is no such thing as a “working dad,” and the term also devalues the work […]
More people now qualify for childcare help in Utah   (22:29) March 13, 2021
The Utah State Legislature recently passed a bill that expands the eligability those who qualifiy for a state childcare subsity. That just means means that the state will now be including more Utahns to have money sent to their childcare provider for help paying for it. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Representative Ashlee Matthews of […]
How to get your kids to sleep when the time changes   (14:24) March 13, 2021
The dreaded chanign to Dayight Saving Time can really mess with a kid’s sleep schedule. While it is typically harder when the clock falls back, springing forward can shift bedtimes later and without realizing it your kids could become overtired. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with baby sleep expert, Marrietta Paxson with Little Dreamers about what […]
Is your company genderwashing you?   (20:01) March 06, 2021
What is genderwashing? Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Dr. Wendy Fox-Kirk, Professor at the Goddard School of Business and Economics at Weber State about her recent research looking at companies who profess to be equitable between the sexes however actually have policies that hold women back.  “Organizations create a positive public image by proclaiming their […]
Motherhood lessons learned from Covid   (16:29) March 06, 2021
It’s been one year since Covid shut the world down and Host Lindsay Aerts discusses what the year has been like for her. She reflects on how her anxiety ramped up amid the pandemic, how she got a handle on it, and the things she’s grateful for now that we’re almost out of it. She […]
Utah’s First Lady shares her postpartum mood disorder story   (33:19) February 27, 2021
Utah’s First Lady, Abby Cox has been open about experiencing postpartum depression after the birth of her third child. She joins host Lindsay Aerts to share how she realized she had it, how she healed, and her message for Utah moms today. Her husband, Governor Spencer Cox recently declared February Maternal Mental Health Awareness month. […]
How to pursue education as a single mom   (35:05) February 21, 2021
Being a single mom and trying to provide for your family can bring a host of challenges. Getting an education can set you on a path to a higher paying job, but there are so many barries for single to be able to actually finish their degrees. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Lisa Sledge, a […]
The State of Utah Women in Politics   (38:07) February 14, 2021
How much female representation does Utah have in it’s elected positions? The answer is not a lot, however there has been some movement in the last four years. The Utah Women and Leadership project at Utah State University looked at the state of women in politics in Utah and Dr. Susan Madsen joins us to […]
Rediscovering yourself while mothering   (32:55) February 06, 2021
It can be hard to find time for anything in motherhood let alone finding time to rediscover some of the passions you once had. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Dr. Julie Hanks of Wasatch Family Therapy about how she coaches women all over Utah to rediscover themselves. They also discuss what it means to idealize […]
Should Utah get rid of taxes of feminine hygiene products?   (41:10) January 30, 2021
Utahan’s pay sales tax on feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons, but a lawmaker on Utah’s capitol hill is proposing getting rid of it. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with the bill’s sponsor, Representative Robert Spendlove about the likelihood of this getting passed. She’s also joined by supporters of the bill Representatives Karianne Lisonbee and […]
Both sides of the Salt Lake Schools in-person schooling debate   (35:34) January 24, 2021
There has been a lot of drama over the older kids in the Salt Lake City School District return to in-person learning. The school board recently voted to send them back to in person learning two days a week. The issues have involved disagreements between parents, teachers, the school board and Utah’s state legislature. Host […]
Combatting the “new year, lose weight” messaging   (38:03) January 10, 2021
This time of year women in particular are bombarded with messages about losing weight for the new year. While there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be healthier, Host Lindsay Aerts dives into why this messaging can be damaging for women and girls. Her guest, Dr. Lexie Kite, Co-founder of the non-profit Beauty Redefined […]
Achieving goals at any stage of motherhood with Olympian Noelle Pikus Pace   (34:43) December 20, 2020
Olympian Noelle Pikus Pace knows a thing or two about achieving goals. She’s a two time Olympian, winning a silver medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics in the Skeleton. She did that with two kids under six. Now she has four kids and continues to speak and inspire people to achieve their goals. She and […]
What to do about the “Pink-Recession”   (39:23) December 08, 2020
It’s been dubbed the “Pink Recession” or the “She-session.” Recent reports show women are leaving the workforce in huge numbers. Much of this is caused by the pandemic which in most cases is forcing women to choose their careers and taking care of their families. Host Lindsay Aerts dives into why this is happening with […]
Should I send my kid back to school?   (34:56) November 22, 2020
The board of the Salt Lake City School District recently voted to allow pre-K, Kindergartners, and first graders to go back to school in person. KSL Newsradio’s Lindsay Aerts has a kid in the district who falls in this category. She’s not sold on whether she’s going to send her back. She talks with district […]
How to get your kids to sleep after the time change   (35:51) November 02, 2020
Fall back, spring forward. The time change can mess with a kid’s sleep. Yeah, we gain an extra hour of it this time of year but baby sleep expert Marietta Paxon says because kids’ bodies often tell them to wake up after they’ve slept the appropriate amount of hours, they’re likely going to be up […]
How to help your family through pandemic whiplash   (38:21) October 25, 2020
What is pandemic whiplash, you ask? Well, when you really get whiplash injuries often have delayed symptoms. Many of the damage that we experience from COVID is also delayed—financially, mentally, physically, etc. Whiplash has a wide spectrum of damage possibilities and treatments. For example if there is major tissue or spinal damage, a heating pad […]