Utah Puck Report

Get all the hockey action on the Utah ice, from high schools, to tier 1 juniors, NCAA and pros. Rockers Gary Michaels and Jay Stevens of 103.5 the Arrow host the Utah Puck Report, bringing you candid interviews with up-and-coming hockey stars, following their journey from Utah into the pros. A former Utah Grizzly, Jay has the inside track and Gary has played and coached the local ice for many moons. Jay and Gary catch you up on all things hockey, gear manufacturers, and which pro scouts are looking at which players.
Local legend Buzz Burns on influencing generations of hockey players   (48:30) April 12, 2021
Today, Jay and Gary get to talk with local legend Buzz Burns and his family. They talk about Buzz’s early days in Minnesota and find out how he influenced two generations of hockey players in his own family. Larry Burns talks about being part of the first group of players from Utah to play in […]
Jeff Levy reminisces about hockey in Utah during the 80s and the modern development process for young goalies   (40:01) April 02, 2021
Today, Jay sits down with former NHL draft pick and Highland High alum Jeff Levy. The two goalies talk about how Jeff got into hockey and what the environment was like in Utah in the late 80s. Jeff also talks about the development process for young goalies in the area including his son, Hank.
Michael Hunt and Kelly Askew talk all things equipment and the underrated aspects of roller hockey   (59:40) November 16, 2020
Jay and frequent co-host and former professional hockey player Evan Stoflet are joined by In-Line hockey legend Michael Hunt and former Long Beach Ice Dog and San Diego Gull Kelly Askew. The four discuss online hockey, what it’s like to be an equipment rep trying to get products into the NHL and retail hands. They […]
NHL Playoffs, Trevor Lewis’s future, and staying ready for whatever comes next   (41:16) October 15, 2020
In the first episode of season 3, Jay and Gary join Utah Grizzlies Assistant Coach Ryan Kinasewich, Ontario Reign Forward Nick Halloran, and Portland Winterhawks Forward Mason Mannek. The group talks about the NHL playoffs, speculate on Trevor Lewis’s future. They also discuss their individual leagues, start dates, and how they are staying in a […]
AHL updates, 2020 Hungry 4 Hockey Charity Event, and Jay’s 6th job   (19:01) August 03, 2020
In this episode, Jay Stevens chats with Ryan Tall (San Diego Gulls Equipment Manager) and former Viewmont Hockey Rigg Zeidler about the AHL and plans to get back to playing. We also learn about their cool 2020 Hungry 4 Hockey Charity Event. We also find out that Jay Stevens has a 6th job.
Hockey is finally coming back!   (37:08) July 22, 2020
In this episode, Jay Stevens and Gary Michaels are joined by Utah Grizzlies Assistant Coach Ryan Kinasewich to talk about The Utah Grizzlies. They also talk about how Utah is getting back to hockey and the ways different areas have different rules about COVID. Then they discuss youth hockey and hockey camps. The trio also […]
Dave Imonti and Evan Stoflet talk about the current landscape of hockey   (20:21) June 11, 2020
In today’s episode, Jay Stevens is joined by West Coast Renegades President Dave Imonti and coach Evan Stoflet. The West Coast Renegades will be the first to have tryouts after the quarantine and in the new normal. We talk about the sudden end of the season, and how we get started on the new season. […]
Aaron Dell on his path to the NHL, the “Fighting Sioux” controversy, and some Facebook questions   (40:44) May 15, 2020
Jay Stevens and Jordan Parise catch up with former Utah Grizzlies and Current San Jose Sharks goaltender Aaron Dell. They discuss the nontraditional path that Aaron took to the NHL. We also talk about what drew Aaron and Jordan to North Dakota and briefly touch on the “Fighting Sioux” Fighting Hawk” controversy how Aaron selects […]
Evan Stoflet and Mitch Wahl break down all things hockey camps   (43:33) May 13, 2020
Jay Stevens and Jordan Parisé are joined by former Utah Grizzlies Evan Stoflet and Mitch Wahl to talk about picking the right hockey camps, how to get the most out of the camp, and what you should expect as a parent. Then we dive into how to get the most bang for your buck and […]
Jared Youngman on the impact of the Grizzlies, attendance numbers, and themed nights   (01:02:38) March 10, 2020
In this week’s episode, Jay Stevens and Gary Michaels are joined by Jared Youngman (Vice President – Utah Grizzlies) to talk about the hockey market in Utah, the potential for growth, and the impact that the Utah Grizzlies have throughout the state and the AHL. Then we dive into the financial and logistical differences between the AHL and the […]
Jared Pike on the Yellow Jackets’ season so far and moving away to pursue his dream   (29:22) February 27, 2020
Jay Stevens is joined by special co-host Jordan Parise(former professional hockey player) and Jared Pike(AIC Yellow Jackets – Forward) to talk about playing for American International College, clinching the school’s conference, and how he became obsessed with hockey. Then we dive into his decision to attend AIC, the adjustment from juniors to NCAA D1, and […]
Brian Patafie on fry sauce, hockey branding, the Chilliwack chiefs, and the Golden Eagles deal   (59:26) February 26, 2020
Jay Stevens and Gary Michaels are joined by special co-host, Jordan Parise (former professional hockey player), to talk with Brian Patafie(former Calgary and current Chilliwack Chiefs trainer) about his time in Salt Lake City, the exact moment he was introduced to fry sauce in Utah, and his introduction to the sport. We also dive into […]
Brooke, Mikayla, and Alexis break down the U of U women’s hockey season so far   (22:01) February 25, 2020
Jay Stevens is joined by special co-host, Jordan Parise(former professional hockey player), to talk with Brooke Burns, Mikayla Dykmen, and Alexis Litzinger(University of Utah women’s hockey) about the team’s season so far, the upcoming Western Women Collegiate Hockey League, and what it was like playing a game with eight players. Then we dive into the […]
Rollerbees stories with James Burdette and Briess Potter   (32:04) February 19, 2020
Jay Stevens and Gary Michaels are joined by Briess Potter (University of Utah Goalie) and James Burdette(Utah Rollerbees) to talk about how James got into roller hockey, how the roller league crumbled, and the work he’s doing for Sport Court.
Khris “the Beast” Bestel on his time managing equipment for the Idaho Steelheads   (25:02) February 13, 2020
Jay Stevens and Gary Michaels are joined by Khris “the Beast” Bestel, equipment manager for the Idaho Steelheads, to talk about his aspirations of becoming an equipment manager when he was younger, some funny stories from his time with the Steelheads, and the life of an equipment manager. Then we dive into his invention, MyGuardWash, […]
Kami Cote Anderson talks about her time at UVM and her time as an assistant coach   (27:59) February 12, 2020
Jay Stevens and Gary Michaels are joined by Kami Cote Anderson to talk about her earliest hockey memory, playing with the boys, and deciding to play for the University of Vermont. Then we dive into Kami’s time at UVM, the records she set at her time there, and some of her favorite memories from college. […]
Dave Starman on youth sports, shooting to score, and the importance of development   (50:46) January 22, 2020
Dave Starman(CBS analyst for NCAA hockey) joins host Jay Stevens, co-host Gary Michaels, and guest co-host Jordan Parise (former pro goalie) to talk about his work as a CBS analyst for NCAA hockey, the time Dave interviewed Jordan during his run for the NCAA championships while playing for U. of North Dakota in 2005, and […]
Tim Mouser on Utah hockey in the 90s, his time with the Grizz, and hockey growth in Utah   (48:37) January 07, 2020
In this episode of the Utah Puck Report Jay Stevens and Gary Michaels are joined by special guest Tim Mouser to talk about growing up and playing hockey in Illinois, the differences between today’s game vs the old days, his time playing pro hockey, and his time in the IHL. Then we talk about Tim’s […]
Nick Fleehart on the Oval controversy, the Beer League Players Association, and upcoming tournaments   (39:29) December 31, 2019
On today’s episode of the Utah Puck Report, Jay Stevens is joined by special co-host Jon Smith (Radio host at 103.5 The Arrow) and Nick Fleehart (The Nick and Co Show/Beer League Players Association Facebook Page) to talk about a recent announcement from the Oval that will penalize players for participating in the post game […]
Eric Johnson on playing in Sweden, playing college hockey, and his time with the Golden Eagles   (01:17:32) December 06, 2019
In this episode Jay is joined by special co-host, Evan Stoflet, and Eric Johnson to talk about what it was like playing hockey in Sweden, his time at the University of Denver, and some of the records he still holds there.  We also dive into some of the history of hockey in Utah, how the […]